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Enemas: the best laxative you’ll ever not swallow

Happy Bum Bag Founder Kyah using the enema kit.

Most people when they think of constipations quick fix head straight to the pink pill section. Laxatives come in many different brands and colours but they have one thing in common; they are not the best option for your acute or severe constipation.

In fact laxatives evoke an inflammatory and irritating reaction which incentivises the bowel to move and can cause far more harm than good. They create dependency which means that after taking one with an effect, you will then need to take two, three, four, the whole box to keep things moving as they were. Laxatives are not a good solution to constipation and nor would we ever recommend them for the one off!

What’s the best way to solve your constipation at home? A Happy Bum Bag of course!!

Enema’s have been around for centuries, dating back to the ancient Egyptians used as a way to cleanse the bowel of toxicity and waste. Enema’s have been used for hundreds of years (up until recently as the pharmaceutical era struck) in hospitals pre surgery and were even given to pregnant women before they went into labour to help move the bowels.

Enemas are safe and non habit forming and can be done in the privacy of your own home whenever required.

How does it work? Simple.

Fill up your Happy Bum Bag with 2 litres of purified water, hang in the bathroom, lie a towel down on the bathroom floor (on back or left side), insert the tip into your rectum, let the flow of water in until the bag is empty or you cannot hold anymore and then sit on the toilet to release!

This will soften and move whatever waste matter is sitting in the lower part of your colon, eliminate gas and leave you feeling so much better. No chemicals, no toxicity, non resistance forming, and no mess.

For acute and constipation, you need an enema kit! It will change your life.



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