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Who Invented Coffee Enemas?

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Coffee enemas are not just the “latest fad.” In fact, they are first recorded being used for treatment in the early 1900’s!

In WWI there was a great shortage of morphine, to give to the wounded soldiers after they had been operated on. There was plenty of coffee though, to keep the doctors and nurses going, who were working around the clock. As the soldiers were already receiving water enemas to help deal with post operation constipation, the nurses decided not to waste the leftover coffee in the pot, and add it to the enemas.

This proved to relieve the soldiers pain and help them recover!

After the war, intrigued by the nurses’ experience, two German professors investigated the effects of introducing caffeine into the rectum of lab animals. They found that the caffeine entered the liver via the portal system and caused an increased flow of bile.

This bile, in turn, allowed accumulated poisons and toxins to be released and evacuated from the body.

Three scientists from the Dept of Pathology at the University of Minnesota, showed that rectal coffee administration stimulates an enzyme system (glutathione S-transferase) in the liver, which is able to remove toxic free radicals from the bloodstream by increasing this enzyme 600% to 700%!

No wonder we love our coffee enemas so much!

Try them in your Happy Bum Bag using our recipe guide on how to prepare and hold for 10-20 minutes. Enjoy!



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