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The difference between an Enema Bag & Enema Bulb.



HAPPY BUM BAG – 2 litre capacity

The Happy Bum Bag Bag holds a capacity of 2litres is designed to get a larger amount of liquid into your lower colon via the rectum. Its aim is to clear and detoxify the colon by loosening old waste matter and stimulating a bowel motion. This is usually done with just plain, filtered, boiled, cooled down water or organic coffee. Happy Bum Bags are a great way to manage constipation naturally and can provide instant relief from gas and bloating. But you can also add herbs, oils, probiotics etc to the water. This reaches higher up in the colon and heals the lining of the colon, locally and topically. Happy Bum Bags are also perfect to do coffee enemas with to support liver function, rid the body of candida and parasites, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and play a part in natural cancer therapies. After an enema is complete, you will sit on the toilet to release the solution.

HAPPY BUM BULB – 330ml capacity

The Happy Bum Bulb is designed to quickly and easily insert a small amount of therapeutic solution  250- 330ml  into your colon with the aim to retain, not release for therapeutic benefits. It is an extremely effective way to administer probiotics, herbs, essential oils, etc straight into your bloodstream. Solutions administered in an implant using your Happy Bum Bulb can reach your liver in minutes as they are absorbed straight through the rectal veins. In this way you bypass the stomach and small intestine, and the solution keeps it full potency.  This can be done anytime of the day, but is super easy to do last thing at night, and then go to sleep while you absorb the solution.  Happy Bum Bulbs can be used for probiotics, anti inflammatory, stress relief, restful sleep herbs, etc.

How they work together to improve your health from the inside out

Happy Bum Bags and Happy Bum Bulbs truly complement each other! Start with your Happy Bum Bag to detoxify the colon, rid the body of all the waste and toxicity it no longer needs. Create space and boost your liver function. Then, nurture and rebuild your gut and overall health from the inside out using your Happy Bum Bulb to implant therapeutic solutions that are right for your body. Rebuild your gut health by implanting beneficial colonising bacteria straight to the source, and lower inflammation and promote healing with anti-inflammatory implants. Allow your body to rest and heal using stress relief herbs and restful solutions. Your options are truly endless!

Time to try them out for yourself!



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