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How often can you do an enema?


Our most frequently asked question. Here is the answer you have all been searching for and it comes in a few parts. . An enema is a tool to help with your gut health, inflammation or whatever it is that you are suffering from. An enema can help you achieve greater health and wellbeing from just about any condition however, each of you will have a different goal to achieve.

For me personally, coming to you as the person that started the Happy Bum Co, I do an enema every single day. Just one, first thing in the morning and usually its purified water (which is in most of my early morning stories!).

This is because my issue is extreme constipation, something I have had for over 15 years and struggled with my entire life. Although my diet is exceptionally clean, I have colonics regularly, my bowel for some reason or another does not move on its own. I personally use my Happy Bum Bag every morning to have a bowel movement I would not otherwise have and it makes me comfortable throughout the day to go about and live my life! It releases bloating, trapped wind and allows me to detoxify my lower colon.

A few times a week depending on what I feel my body needs, I do therapeutic enemas. These can be for stress, liver, or to lower inflammation. One of my top priorities in life is to keep my body functioning at its peak and I use my Happy Bum Bag to do that! However, that is me and my body. So let’s talk about you! .

To determine how often you should use your Happy Bum Bag ask yourself a few questions: What are my goals? What is the dis-ease I am trying to solve? How do I feel after my enema? What does my gut say? .

If you go to the toilet 2-3 times a day then a water enema every morning is not for you! Your body is already eliminating. Thats not to say that once a a while a good detox with your enema would not benefit you, it just doesn’t need to be as regular.

You may be suffering from candida, or parasites and then a coffee enema would be more suited to you. Or do you have cancer? Auto-immune disease? Poor skin? Sounds like your inflammation levels are high and regular anti inflammatory enemas would be beneficial until your body becomes less inflamed. Or perhaps alternating between coffee and anti-inflammatory. Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you anxious? Again what you need will be different to the person next to you.

So, how do you determine whats best for you? Ask yourself those questions and then take a good long look at our recipe guide or find the other blog posts that pertain to you. If you have questions, just reach out! We are always here to help.

Join our Happy Bum Community once you have purchased your bag and have access to even more help.

Sending all of you lots of love!



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