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Enemas during pregnancy:


Many women find during pregnancy that they become constipated. As the baby begins to grow in size and there are a lot of hormonal changes taking place in the body, even if this is something they have never struggled with before, the bowel movements slow and become more difficult.

Constipation is very common during pregnancy and it can be tricky as the colon and other organs are being scrunched to make way for the growing uterus. This can cause a lot of discomfort, bloating and fatigue as the constipation worsens. As the stools harden and you become more constipated, straining can lead to haemorrhoids which many women also experience during this time and are extremely uncomfortable.

When the body is not releasing toxins effectively, symptoms of “baby brain” mental fog and fatigue can become increasingly more severe. Morning sickness also seems to be effected with toxicity levels in the body and therefore the less toxins we have stored in there, the more comfortable a pregnancy is going to feel.

Doing a water enema to relieve constipation during pregnancy is a great option as it naturally softens the stool, makes the exit easier and less painful even if you do have haemorrhoids and is completely non toxic as opposed to laxatives. It’s very easy to do, and very safe as long as you listen to your body. Under 15 weeks you may find it most comfortable to lay on your back (this is personal preference) but likely as the pregnancy progresses you will be most comfortable and successful on your side so that baby does not put pressure on the colon while you do your fill.

A water enema is the only suitable type of enema that is deemed safe to do during pregnancy as this is not a time when you want to body to be “detoxing” heavily. You simply want to ensure that your bowels are emptying properly so that you do not become overrun with toxic waste that then gets reabsorbed into the body and ultimately absorbed by baby! This will also help keep you a lot more comfortable. Women during pregnancy often struggle to release trapped wind and having the outlet to do so can make you so much more comfortable.

A release from an enema is immediate and can relieve symptoms as soon as you sit on the toilet. You can feel safe using your enema kit throughout your pregnancy and many doula’s (and previously doctors in hospital) also recommend to do an enema before giving birth as a woman prepares for labor to ensure that there is not a large bowel movement sitting in your colon when baby is making their debut into the world. This can also give women who are bit nervous or embarrassing to pass a bowel movement during labour a bit of peace of mind.

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In my own personal experience, enemas have been extremely helpful during this process both in preparation, fertility and conception to managing constipation during the pregnancy.

I did an enema every day during my pregnancy (I do a water enema every day anyways as to manage my particular constipated bowel condition) and now at 19 weeks into my second, have experienced no morning sickness, minimal brain fog, barely any food cravings, did not put on any excess weight that wasn’t baby and felt great throughout my entire pregnancies to date! My diet is processed sugar, gluten, dairy, meat and grain free and organic which I am sure helps immensely with the amount of toxins present. I find my enemas to be very relieving, comfortable, and highly recommend doing them throughout your pregnancy if you struggle with constipation as I do! Mental health is also very important during pregnancy and clearing your colon can improve that as well.

For preconception, it’s very important to make sure the body is alkaline and not overloaded with toxins. Coffee enemas can help to detox the liver, boost antioxidants and provide many other benefits in pre-conception. It’s also no secret that we do not feel sexy when we are bloated and constipated so use your enema kit to cleanse your colon, boost your energy levels, feel sexy in your own skin and and get in the mood!

**All of this is general information, if you have any pre-existing health concerns contact your health care provided to discuss further.

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