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10 Signs Your Body Is Toxic!


Wondering if you may benefit from a detox? The answer is probably yes!

We absorb toxicity from so many different sources including processed or synthetically altered food, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, cleansing products, beauty products, environmental toxins and even emotions!

Here are 10 common signs that your body is toxic and it’s time to cleanse. Remember symptoms are not signals to be ignored, they are a powerful way your body is trying to communicate to you that something is wrong! What is your body telling you?

  1. Low energy
  2. Headaches
  3. Bloating & indigestion
  4. Foggy Brain
  5. Bad breath or body odour
  6. Smelly gas
  7. Skin breakouts
  8. Constipation/IBS/Diahorrea
  9. Irritability
  10. Sluggish and unmotivated
  1. Low energy – when your body is overrun with toxicity, it’s no wonder you don’t have the energy to do your normal activities! Giving your organs a cleanse and rest is a great way to boost your energy levels and allow your body to reset. Coffee enemas are great to detox the liver, help it process the toxicity, and flush it out through the colon. When you’re feeling exhausted, it time to detox! Wake up with a spring in your step after colon cleansing.
  2. Headaches – a common symptom of leaky gut and having a toxic colon is getting headaches. This is because when the colon is full (or the rubbish bin to your body) the toxicity spill out and gets absorbed back into the bloodstream where it can travel around the body. The Vagus nerve from your digestive system also travels straight to the brain so when the gut is toxic, the brain follows. Drinking lots of water and cleansing the colon with water and coffee enemas can really help reduce your headaches!
  3. Bloating & Indigestion – Bloating occurs when we eat foods that do not process throughout systems well (i.e. refined sugars, gluten, dairy, processed foods, heavy meats, etc.) and they either do not breakdown which causes fermentation (which leads to gas) or they congest the liver. Overeating is another great way to get yourself bloated and GERD is often caused by over-acidity in the diet which again comes from dairy, gluten, sugar, etc. Stress can also cause bloating and indigestion as our digestive forces are compromised and the body becomes acidic. A detox can help wash away the old food and waste particles that are stuck fermenting in your colon, help the liver process, and flush everything through and get you feeling a whole lot better! Clearing out the old, stuck stress and emotions will also help the body to reset and leave you feeling more refreshed. Being bloated is again a sign that something you are eating or exposing your body to is not right for you. Time to clear it out and start again!
  4. Foggy Brain – It’s no secret that the gut-brain connection is very strong. So much so that 95% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gut. If your colon and internal organs are overrun by toxicity, then the signals sent to the brain are fuzzy and full of toxins. It’s very common to feel symptoms of forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and foggy brain when your body is calling for a detox! Clear your colon, clear your mind. Coffee enemas and purified water enemas can help reduce the toxicity in the body and can help you to think so much clearer.
  5. Bad Breath/ Body Odour – Can’t shake the bad breath even after you brush your teeth or always popping a mint? That’s because your colon and your lungs are connected. When your colon is full, you start to breathe out that waste through the lungs. There’s no mint for that, just get out your enema kit and get rid of it! Your skin is another large detox organ so again when the colon is full and toxic, the body tries to eliminate toxicity through the skin – smelly body odor, skin breakouts, etc.
  6. Smelly Gas – Been blaming your farts on the dog? That means there is something rotting in that gut! If you haven’t been going to the toilet regularly, have been eating lots of processed foods or meat, or have been stressed it’s common the toxins can build up and smelly gas is a very aggressive sign its time to detox. Get out your enema kit and flush that stuff out!
  7. Skin Breakouts – As the skin is your largest detox organ when the colon and liver are struggling to process and manage the toxicity level in your body, it can result in breakouts or acne. If your body is very inflamed, this can be the root cause of other underlying skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Everything begins in the gut so if your skin is sending you signals it’s not happy, trying a detox will help.
  8. Constipation/IBS/Diahorea – If your body is not eliminating properly, then you are backing up toxins every day! Your colon is your body’s waste system, so if the sewage is all clogged up or is very irregular (diarrhea can often be caused by hidden constipation or inflammation) time to wash that large intestine out and start fresh. Grab your enema kit and do some coffee and water enemas to clear the toxins out and get your colon moving!
  9. Irritability – Hormones out of whack and emotions going up and down? The body is trying to get rid of something that doesn’t belong. Do you know how calm you feel walking into a clean house? Your body is the same. Cleanse your body and feel a sense of calm and ease throughout your emotions.
  10. Sluggish and Unmotivated – This is a sign that your body is overloaded. There’s a backup in aisle 5 and its time to clear it all out. Eating lots of sugar, processed foods, not drinking enough water, and not having our bowels eliminate are all common reasons to feel sluggish and unmotivated. Try some coffee enemas to get things moving, detox that liver, and refresh with an energy boost!

All of these common detox symptoms can be supported by using your Happy Bum Bag!

Next time you’re feeling one of these, try doing a coffee enema instead of popping an over the counter “quick fix” pill. If it’s energy your seek, having a coffee or red bull is not going to solve the problem long term and in fact may make it worse. Instead try giving your body a break and help it to eliminate toxicity instead of adding to the pile. Enemas are so easy to do, can be done any time of day and can help the body get relief fast.

Grab your kit today!

Happy detoxing!

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