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Got Hay Fever? Find out how enemas can help!


Spring is in the air… literally! If you’re one of the many who suffers from hay fever symptoms: puffy eyes, a runny nose, irritated sinuses, sore throat, headaches, constant sneezing and seasonal allergies, its time to take some proactive steps to boost your immune system and lower your inflammation!

Did you know that hay fever has absolutely nothing to do with hay OR a fever but is actually an allergic reaction (or an immune system overreaction) caused by your body mistakenly identifying tiny plant/animal proteins (pollen is the most common) as harmful invaders? 

This triggers an immune response in your body. Signals are sent to your ‘mast cells’ which start releasing ‘histamines’ causing your skin to itch (making you scratch), eyes to water, throat to cough and eyes to run, all in an attempt to get rid of the tiny particles causing the problems. Histamines also cause an inflammatory response in the body, triggering other chemicals in the immune system to come in and begin repairs.

So, although hay fever is often thought of as a reflection of the change in seasons that occurs during the warming transition from winter into spring, it can also be the body trying to release toxins and irritants.

“Warming temperatures influence a melting of congestion and toxic accumulation that has built up in the body over the winter period”

As the temperature rises in the onset of spring, it also warms the body and influences a ‘melting’ of congestion and toxic accumulation that has occurred over the winter period. 

Enemas can help to flush out this toxic accumulation, effectively removing loads of built up bad bacteria, yeasts, parasites, mucus and toxicity from the body. Helping the body to flush out these toxins can assist in lowering symptoms, reducing mucus and may help boost your immune function as 70% of your immune system lies in your gut!

Anti inflammatory enemas or replenishing bulbs can be a great way to lower inflammation in the body by allowing the therapeutic anti inflammatory solution to be absorbed straight into the blood stream. Coffee enemas are recommended for their support to liver function and detoxification.

Apple Cider Vinegar enemas may also help boost the immune system, alkalise the body and help eliminate mucus, which is a sign that inflammation and acidity is present in the body.

So the next time you have a runny nose or scratchy throat, grab your Happy Bum Bag & Bulb and find some relief! It can also be a great idea to practice enemas regularly in the lead up to allergy season as preventing the symptoms will always be easier than fighting them off.

Happy Spring Happy Bums!




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