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Drinking coffee vs a coffee enema

Whats the difference between taking your coffee ORALLY vs ANALLY?
When we mention coffee enemas, we often find people immediately say, “oh I don’t drink coffee. It’s not good for you!” Which can be true if you are talking about your morning cuppa BUT how does drinking a coffee compare to absorbing it up the other way? Let’s take a look.

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How and when to use your Soothing Turmeric Bulb

Yep! It’s one of your largest organs and although a Happy Bum Bag can work wonders, it will not clear your entire colon in one go. A 2 liters Happy Bum Bag will loosen and clear the toxicity in the lower part of your colon, however, in order to clear the higher parts, you will either need to perform regular enemas and drink lots of water to help flush everything around. Belly massage can also be helpful as well as taking magnesium oxide as a supplement which will help to liquefy old waste matter in the colon. Have you ever tried a castor oil pack? This can also be a helpful natural way to soften matter in the colon and soothe the belly.

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