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How and when to use your Soothing Turmeric Bulb


Got inflammation? Aches and pains? Soothing Turmeric bulbs are a great way to soothe from the source.

Soothing Turmeric bulbs are one of the most effective ways to absorb a therapeutic, organic anti inflammatory blends of herbs into your blood stream. If you suffer from endometriosis, colitis, ulcerative colitis, crohns disease, heavy inflammation, joint pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or any auto immune condition, your inflammation levels are through the roof and it is a high priority to minimise them and reduce them naturally.

Soothing turmeric blend is made up of organic turmeric, ginger, Ceylon (true cinnamon) and camomile which have so many proven anti inflammatory, anti cancerous, relaxation and sleep promoting properties.

Common over the counter anti Inflammatory drugs such as Neurofin and Panadol are not considered safe long term options for pain or inflammation. They are also known to be neurotoxins, can burn holes in the stomach lining and cause strain on the liver which is why they are not meant to be sustainable longterm solutions to inflammation.

So, if you are a chronic sufferer of inflammation, have lived a stressful lifestyle or eaten a poor diet for a number of years, have been diagnosed with a disease that links to underlying inflammation (all of them) and are looking for a holistic and sustainable way to bring your body back into balance naturally, without the use of harsh pharmaceuticals, soothing turmeric bulbs are a great solution.

By brewing the soothing turmeric blend in water, using the bulb you are able to easily insert this powerful solution into the colon which gets absorbed straight into the blood stream via the rectal veins. Especially when your pain source is local to the stomach or colon area, this can provide immediate support upon insertion. Many prefer to have the blend warm when inserted to further calm and soothe the muscles and spasms happening in the lower abdomen.

You can perform soothing turmeric bulbs anytime of day, however often you need. For anyone with extreme inflammation or regular discomfort, use you soothing turmeric bulb are required! This blend is completely safe for regular daily use if needed. Allowing the body to soften and reduce the inflammation can help to bring down flare ups, reduce stress, improve bowel movements, reduce pain around PMS or pelvic area, soothe back pain and help heal from disease.

Choosing a sustainable, holistic solution to minimising and relieving inflammation in your body will ensure you don’t add to the problem in another way and promote the body to rest, relax and heal. Rest is one of the key ingredients of healing so if you can calm, soothe and reduce irritation to the area, it can allow better blood flow, fluidity and softening. Give your body the nourishment and support it needs with a soothing turmeric bulb!

Simply implant and retain indefinitely for best results. We recommend them best after coffee enemas or right before bed. Easiest done after an enema or a bowel movement so you can hold the solution in without stimulating a bowel movement.

Happy Soothing,

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