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Fibromyalgia & Pain Management – My Story -Leonie, 62

Internally I feel much better when I do them. I really feel the difference. I have lost some weight, and believe me it’s not easy when I am impeded from exercise in a meaningful way. Atm, my musculoskeletal pain issues are severe, and I’m happy that the meds I have to take don’t stay too long in residual amounts in my system. Thanks again for your help.

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Metatastic Breast Cancer – My Story – Kerry, 59

I recently had a PET scan & my results were remarkable, 6 tumours now non-active, 2 still active, but they have shrunk . I truely believe my routine of chemo tablets, my green diet, my supplements& my coffee enemas have all combined to make this awesome result possible. I tell anyone who will listen about my use of enemas. My husband also uses enemas , as he has rehumatoid arthritis, both coffee & anti inflammatory . Can’t speak highly enough of ur product, thank u so much.

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