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5 Ways your Enema Kit will improve your love life!


If you are looking to spice up your love life this Valentine’s Day, then look no further than that sexy Happy Bum Bag that should be hanging in your bathroom!! You might be thinking, how can my enema bag possibly make me feel sexy with a little tube up my butt but it’s amazing what a detox can help you achieve when it comes to love, sex, and marriage! 

  1. Feel Sexier when you’re not bloated AF

If you suffer from bloating, it can really hurt your confidence and your love life! When your belly is sore, bloated and gassy, being intimate and getting close to someone is probably the last thing you want to do but physical touch is one of the most powerful love languages. 

Plus did we mention that smelly gas? That aint sexy either. So why not use your happy bum bag to do some water and coffee enemas before your big Valentines Day plans? Get that belly feeling soft, flat and comfy for a big night with your honey!

2. Increase your libido

Did you know that by cleansing your colon and improving your gut health, it can also work to increase your libido? When your colon is blocked up with toxins and your liver is full of junk it can be easy for your moods, sex drive and motivation to be intimate to dampen. By using your Happy Bum Bag regularly to stay on top of your gut health you can really improve your libido and up your sex game! Life is too short to skip the good stuff.

3. Fight nighttime fatigue

Tired when you get home from work? Kids run you ragged all day? It’s still so important to make time to connect with your partner. Whether or not that means date night out, preparing a nice dinner together once the kids are asleep or getting’ it on. Coffee enemas are a great way to beat nighttime fatigue and have more energy for whatever nighttime activities you please! Detoxing can reduce the taxing load on your body and thus give you more energy to function. This quality time you carve out with your partner can really improve your relationship and your love life!

4. Couples bonding

Looking for a new date night that will be sure to get you giggling and spark up an interesting conversation? Get your Happy Bum Bags out and try doing a detox together! Not only is it a cost-effective alternative to a night out but also more convenient and can be done during a lockdown, pandemics, or when the kids are asleep! Your love life will blossom if you share life’s most intimate moments together, and when you grow together as a couple. A detox can be a great way to keep you both healthy. Instead of going out for a cuppa or a drink, why not stay in, brew up the beans for a relaxing coffee enema and share the experience together! Holding an enema for 20 minutes leaves lots of time to talk, giggle and then feel radiant afterward! Coffee enemas can help with weight loss, liver detoxification, fatigue, hormones, and as we said before increasing libido.

5. In sickness and in health

As we age, it’s important to look after the people we love. Detoxing is a huge part of maintaining a healthy body as we become overloaded with toxicity as we age and are exposed to things both physically and emotionally over the years. If your partner is suffering from something, why not be their moral support and do enemas with them so they don’t feel alone, you never know you may experience benefits you didn’t expect too! It’s also a good way to maintain good health which will make your loving life together much more enjoyable. For any ailment, detoxing can help and creating a good routine of maintaining your health together can keep you both running through life happily together! Also showing someone you love that you care about them enough to try it with them is a huge sign of support and will help their healing process.

This valentines day, it’s time to break your old patterns and try a new one! Grab your Happy Bum Bags (The Buddy Bundle is designed perfectly for this!) and see how enemas can really help your love life blossom. To feel well is the best feeling of all and to share it is even sweeter.

Happy Valentines Day to all of our loved up Happy Bums!




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