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Anxiety, Depression & Brain Fog – My Story – Sarah, 36


What have you been suffering from?

Over the years I have suffered from a multitude of issues including bloating, constipation, low energy, anxiety and depression.

How long have you been doing enemas for?

I’ve been doing enemas for nearly 2 years!

What is your routine?

I love to do my enemas first thing in the morning so that I’m ready to tackle the day ahead! Sometimes I will prepare my coffee the night before by steeping the beans in slightly less water, before plunging and storing in the fridge. The next day I will add boiled water to bring the temperature up to room temp. Alternatively I will prepare my coffee before Pilates by steeping the beans in roughly half the amount of boiled water and plunge. When I return, I top up with filtered room temperature water so that it’s not too hot. My most favorite thing to do is meditate while I’m doing my enema. It helps my whole mind and body relax and I find I release a lot more! On a Friday after a long week, I love to do a coffee enema and a face mask to relax and wash away all of the weeks stresses!

What improvements and benefits have you experienced?

To say that enemas are a ‘game changer’ is an understatement! Enemas have helped me in so many ways. Coffee enemas give me so much energy and clarity of thought. They help me to clear my foggy brain and I feel that I can focus and concentrate so much more afterwards! My moods improve drastically – if I’m feeling sad, I feel more positive after and enema; if I feel anxious, I feel so much calmer after an enema etc I also love the way enemas have helped with my bloating. My stomach feels sooo much lighter and less bloated! Internally I feel much better when I do them. I really feel the difference. I have lost some weight, and believe me it’s not easy when I am impeded from exercise in a meaningful way. At the moment, my musculoskeletal pain issues are severe, and I’m happy that the meds I have to take don’t stay too long in residual amounts in my system. Thanks again for your help.

What types of enemas have you been doing?

I will vary the frequency of my enemas depending on how I am feeling. If I’m doing a cleanse (eg parasite or candida) or feeling particularly tired/run down I will do a daily coffee enema. If I am feeling pretty good I may just do a coffee or anti-inflammatory a couple of times a week. Lately I have been feeling constipated so I have been doing water enemas followed by a coffee enema. I have also been using my bulb a few nights a week with the anti-inflammatory blend to help me doze off into a blissful sleep after a busy day!

Tell us a little about your overall experience.

Incorporating enemas into my daily/weekly routines has really helped me to tune into what my body is feeling and needing. I feel really empowered when I can improve my mind and body using natural tools that I can use in the comfort of my own home. I would encourage everyone to give them a go because they are such a beautiful self-care practice that can help you to thrive!

To all the newbies out there, just give them a go! I was definitely nervous in the beginning and it took me a little while to get the hang of them but once you do you will never look back!



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