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Leaky Gut, PCOS, Constipation & Eczema – Sorayah, 25


What have you been suffering from?

Severe constipation, leaky gut, candida overgrowth, anxiety, eczema on face and fingers, migraines, hormonal imbalances such as PCOS and inconsistent periods, weight gain, acne, inflammation and fluid retention

How long have you been doing enemas for?

2 years

What is your routine?

Every day I will start the day with a coffee enema before work. This is my 20 minutes to my self in the morning to relax and self centre. If I don’t do a coffee enema in the morning I will most likely do a water enema and a coffee enema at night. Always do a coffee enema after a colonic!! What you will encounter in the bathroom will be very similar to a second colonic!!!

What improvements and benefits have you experienced?

Clear skin, NO MORE ACNE! No more migraines, periods are regular basically to the day each month, nearly a 10 kilo weight loss (along side healthy diet with NO calorie restriction) increased mood and general attitude towards each day, no more candida overgrowth symptoms and much lessened constipation.

What types of enemas have you been doing?

I believe Enemas along with fortnightly colonics have trained my bowel to be able to move on it’s own – however I still do a coffee enema every. Single. Day.
This is because I believe along with a food combining diet, coffee enemas have healed my leaky gut and helped with my candida overgrowth – something that my therapist no longer sees in my colonics.
After a coffee enema, my head is soooo clear, any aches and pains are gone, I feel energetic and truthfully feel on top of the world. I am not reliant on them and can go days without doing one if I’m simply busy, but why would I not want to! It’s my number one source of relaxation and meditation, all my anxieties drift away for that 30 minutes! I have also done hundreds of water enemas and quite a few chamomile enemas

If you could give one piece of advice to a newbie, what would it be?

Just enjoy it!
It is so simple, so easy and so relaxing. Don’t rush it. For your first time, do it one day when you are home alone and have hours to spare. My first enema took me a few hours as I kept having to insert a few seconds of water then stop the flow. Make sure your first time is as stress free as possible. My life changing tip is to do a coffee enema when you get home from a colonic. The amount that will come out after a colonic is astounding. Where was it all hiding! Plus the coffee will absorb so easily as there is nothing in your lower bowl.

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