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Chronic Fatigue & Constipation – Rebecca, 29


What have you been suffering from?

I had suffered from constipation and chronic fatigue for over 15 years with no relief. The happy bum bag changed my life! Regular colonics and weekly enemas should be apart of everyone’s health routine.

How long have you been doing enemas for?

2 years

What is your routine?

I generally do 2 water enemas followed by coffee enemas a week. I do anti inflammatory when I’m feeling a little run down, stressed or tired. I will do an enema everyday when on my period or when I am feeling unwell.

What improvements and benefits have you experienced?

Water enemas work wonderfully to clear my bowel of any waste that may be stubborn to move . I feel a sense of relief , less stressed and more comfortable . Coffee enemas have been giving me great energy and better skin for sure!

What types of enemas have you been doing?

Water, anti inflammatory and coffee

Tell us a little about your overall experience.

Using the happy bum bulb is super quick and easy and a great way to absorb the new happy bum biotic and gut scrub! For any newbies out there considering enemas I’d recommend starting slow , if you can’t take as much water as you have prepared then don’t worry just clamp the tube, release on the toilet and start again. Everybody is different and we have to start somewhere . Once you start reaping the health benefits you will want to keep up the enemas!



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