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How to Clean your Happy Bum Bag!


Cleaning your enema kit and bulb is easy!

This is the most common question we receive at Happy Bum HQ. I know it seems very difficult considering all of the little parts and drying out the tube, so I thought I would write our top tips for you to refer to, easily!

  1. Rinse immediately after use with warm water! You may choose to use a natural soap of any description in this step, however if you did just a plain water enema, you do not need to use soap every time in the bag. Only use soap on the tip and let dry.
  2. If you used Coffee or an Anti-Inflammatory blend in your bag, we recommend rinsing with soap immediately after to ensure no staining occurs on the silicon. To do this. you can take apart the hose from the bag and rinse separately. You may also choose to take off all the little add on pieces at this step and just allow it to flow through the tube effortlessly.
  3. Let your bag thoroughly dry, to do this step you may choose to turn it inside out, or you can just sit it upside down and let it dry.
  4. Other options for cleaning include Hydrogen Peroxide or essential oils of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus. It is totally up to you to decide, however let’s try not over complicate things.
  5. To avoid mould, ensure all parts are detached from the tube so it can hang over a towel rack and dry out completely. To get all of the little water particles out, you can shake the tube or blow through the tube. For people using their enema kit daily, mould is less likely to grow as you are using it so often and not letting it sit for too long.
  6. If you are concerned about mould, you can soak your kit and tube in warm soapy water in a tub overnight to ensure a deep clean.
  7. Every couple of weeks we suggest letting your tips soak as well to avoid any contamination or bacteria growth.

Enjoy long-term use of your enema bag using these tips!

Lots of love,

HBC team x



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