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Top 5 Common Detox Symptoms


5 Common Detox Symptoms

It’s normal to experience some side effects while detoxing and you might notice symptoms getting worse before they get better! Typically the more toxins there are to expel in your body, the more side effects you might experience. Rest assured that your symptoms are a good sign you’re detoxing! Your body is working hard to rid itself of impurities, toxins, parasites and imbalances and to heal itself from the inside out! 

Common detox symptoms

Bowel Disruption – Diarrhoea? Constipation? Gas? Bloating? Your body is adjusting! Detoxing directly affects out digestive system and organs that aid in the elimination of toxins. As your body tries to reach a neutral state and as pathogens such as parasites “die off” it can create gas/bloating and changes to your poops! 

Skin Irruptions – Did you know your skin is the largest organ of our body? As toxins work their way out of our gut, organs and bloodstream they are expelled in our poop and skin. Toxins being released can irritate the skin creating hives, skin breakouts or rashes.

Fatigue – Your body is working extra hard during detoxes. The processes that are taking place in your gut and organs are more than your body is used to dealing with on a day-today basis. Good excuse to take that nap!

Mood swings– Short tempered? ‘Snappy?! Feeling up and down like a yoyo?!  It’s not you it’s your gut working! When you start cleaning out some of the old toxins and waste it’s very common that your emotions may ‘stir up as well. You may feel sad, angry, impatient, irritable, anxious or all of the above! Take breaths, and know that this too will pass!

Cravings – As your body eliminates foods you have grown to depend on ie (sugar, alcohol, processed foods) your body may crave them. Guess what parasites and candida love to feed on? Sugar and processed carbohydrates (ie bread.pasta)! You might find as you eliminate these little pests that you yourself reaching for the chocolate bar or packet of chips. Stay strong! 

Happy Detoxing bums! Just remember it sometimes has to get worse before it get’s better. Your enema kits will be your best detoxing companion. Check out our bundles that will have everything you need to get you started on your healing journey!




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