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How I cured my Hormonal Acne with coffee enemas: Liv, 23


What are or were you suffering from?

From a young age I suffered with hormonal acne without knowing what could be causing it, or how to approach it. When I reached early adulthood the state of my skin started affecting my confidence – and I started drastically searching for quick fixes. The only thing I was recommended from health professionals was the contraceptive pill – which worked, but as soon as I decided I didn’t want to take a hormonal medication anymore I realised that it had only masked the problem, and my skin problems returned with vengeance. My body was not happy that I hadn’t addressed the root cause of my skin problems and masking it only prolongs the problem.

After a long winded journey of going off and on medication, I found that living a holistic and balanced lifestyle filled with exercise, drinking lots of filtered water, and doing regular water and coffee enemas is the answer to rebalancing the hormones that caused breakouts in the first place. My liver was overburdened, which I quickly found out once I started cleansing my liver with coffee enemas as my skin quickly rebalanced and was clearer than any medication could make it.

Which Happy Bum Co. products have you used?

Enema Kit, Coffee, Anti Inflammatory Blend, Happy Bum Mag

What is your enema routine?

I usually do enemas in the afternoon, or at night. I always start with a plain water enema to flush everything out to give me the highest chance of being able to hold the other solutions. I then go in with coffee, lay on my side and distract myself with a podcast or put music on. I always dim the lights, put on candles or diffuse peppermint oil, and make sure I am comfortable. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to enemas, you can hold for longer if you put the flow on 3/4 of the way on the white clip.

What improvements and benefits have you experienced?

Clear skin, energy, no more brain fog, lots of parasites released from regular coffee enemas which has reduced sugar cravings and irritability. No more feelings of frustration, extremely regular and painless periods.

If you could give one piece of advice to new Happy Bum enema users, what would it be?

Get used to it with water. Use body temperature solution otherwise your body will spit it out (not literally but you want to get the full affect). It is so much easier and normal than it looks. So many people are scared to try but after they do it once they think “what was I worried about?”



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