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Benefits of a coffee enema


Have you been thinking it might be time for a detox? You’ve been feeling a bit run down, tired, sluggish and foggy brained? Maybe you’re having trouble losing weight, staying on track with healthy eating, getting sugar cravings or drinking too much alcohol?

  1. Skin problems (Breaking outs, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis). Why ? Skin is our largest organ! and is usually the number one place things start showing up when our health isn’t thriving or we are not tolerating our food choices or environment very well.
  2. Food intolerances  Why? our bodies immune system may be suffering , therefore digesting foods gets put way down the list of jobs to do and fighting infections or viral bugs gets put at the top of the to do list.
  3. Diarrhoea or Constipation Why? a closer look at diarrhoea or constipation shows that pesky parasites can behind the disruption of proper elimination. Cleaning the large intestine of these bugs will help dramatically.
  4. Frequent colds, flues, viruses Why? over time our bodies immune system can get weaker and weaker when poor health and lifestyle choices happen. That is when we find ourselves on a rollercoaster of sickness
  5. Unexplained headaches. Why? unfortunately the additives in our food these days are big contributors to headaches. detoxing from these foods is a good place to start.
  6. Aches and pains Why? inflammation in the body occurs when we are holding onto toxins and too much waste. this is where you will start to notice little aches and pains pop up
  7. Fatigue, low energy, the inability to feel rested after sleep Why? we can hold 5-7 kg of toxic sludge in our colon , you could be carrying this around everyday! this could also be effecting our ability to absorb nutrients and important vitamins that help us feel energised.
  8. Anxiety/Depression Why? ever heard of the gut brain connection? studies are now showing a rise in anxiety and depression as our diets and environments are flooded with processed foods and toxins
  9. Inability to loose weight Why? weight loss is a side effect of a healthy lifestyle and we will sit at our optimal healthy weight when our body is functioning at its best
  10. Fuzzy thinking Why? ever heard of brain fog and brain fatigue. when we are holding on to toxic waste in our bodies , our cognitive function suffers

A toxic load may manifest as a variety of signs and symptoms

These symptoms are very common but are by no means ‘normal”. If you’re experiences any of the above it might be time to whip out that enema bag and coffee beans!

Happy Detoxing!




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