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How to use your Black Friday Bundle


If you were lucky enough to get your hands on our Black Friday Bundle, then you may be wondering what all of this gut health magic does and how to use it to improve your gut health, skin, immune system or whatever may be bothering you!

The Ultimate Gut Health, Immune Boosting & Detox Collection

Whats Included:

Coffee Enema Kit – Happy Bum Bag, Happy Bum Beans & Plunger

Ultimate Bulb Bundle – Happy Bum Bulb, Soothing Turmeric & Biotic Blend

Happy Bum Mag – Constipation support & colon detox

Gut Scrub – Diatomaceous Earth, used for bloating relief, gentle parasite and candida cleanse, absorbs toxins, supports healthy hair, skin, teeth and nails.

Recipe E-Book – Includes all enema and bulb recipes, benefits, how to prepare and everything else you need to know!

How to use all of these products together for the ultimate reset.

Start with Detoxifying.

In order to heal you must first rid the body of all that is making it sick.

  1. Step One: Coffee Enemas & Happy Bum MAG Colon Cleanse

Take 4 Capsules of Happy Bum MAG the night before your plan to start your cleanse. This will help to soften the stool, get your bowel movements flowing and clear your colon from the top down. It will ensure you are not too compacted to hold your enema and should make the process more comfortable.

Follow the instructions on your Happy Bum Beans to prepare your coffee for your enema. This will need to cool for several hours prior to use so prepare in advance! (or put it in the freezer, add ice etc.)

Use your Happy Bum Bag for your coffee enemas with 600-800ml of coffee in it for your first enema.

Follow our guide on how to do an enema, and once the liquid is in your colon for best results try to hold for 12-15 minutes before releasing on the loo. (For a beginner, this may be very challenging. Do the best you can! The more toxic and stressed the body is, the harder it will be to hold the coffee)

Repeat the coffee enemas daily or as often as needed.

To have healthy gut microbiome, it is essential to have the right bacteria.

Step Two. Probiotic Bulb to Replenish Good Bacteria

We are actually made up of more bacteria than we are human cells, the probiotics in your gut are responsible for controlling your bowel function, moods, weight, happiness and so much more.

Using your Happy Bum Bulb, we can easily replenish your good bacteria using the Happy Bum Biotic to ensure after detoxing the good bacteria gets replenished. Although enemas will take both good and bad bacteria out, the most important thing is that the environment is healthy in which they will live, meaning all of the bad bacteria, parasites, old waste, toxins and chemicals are removed.

To use prep your Happy Bum Biotic with purified water and mix 1 Tsp until dissolved.

Pour 150ml of solution into the bulb, insert the tip and squeeze to allow flow in. This can be easiest done by laying down on the bed or couch. Once the solution is inserted in the colon, remove the tip and then retain. A great way to do this is before bed, no need to release this one back out we want the body to just absorb all of the beneficial bacteria.

Step Three. Anti Inflammatory Bulb to reduce inflammation

All disease is linked to chronic inflammation in the body

Inflammation comes from many sources – a poor diet high in sugar, gluten, dairy, animal products, processed foods, alcohol, smoking, or caffeine. Medications, emotional and physical stress, feelings of anger, frustration and anxiety, chemicals you are exposed to including pesticides, insecticides, beauty products, cleaning products, perfume, car fumes, paint, etc.

There are too many ways to be inflamed to count.

If you suffer from joint pain, aches and pain, constant sickness or gut issues, it is commonly from underlying inflammation. Auto immune conditions are all caused by inflammation, cancer is fed by inflammation and so are all other diseases. Reducing inflammation can help relieve and reverse many of todays western health issues.

Use your Happy Bum Bulb to implant the therapeutic Anti Inflammatory Blend into your colon which will then absorb into your blood stream within minutes.

This blend is made up of all known natural anti inflammatory ingredients and will also help you sleep, relieve digestive cramping and PMS, and so many other things.

Anti inflammatory soothing blends can be done as often as you need. Some with extreme inflammation find them difficult to hold at first, again this will improve as the body lowers in inflammation. Regular bulbs will help to soothe the body.

Perform all bulbs after you do an enema, clear the pathway first and detoxify then replenish and soothe with the bulb.

Give your entire digestive system a gentle cleanse

Step FourHappy Bum Gut Scrub – Parasite and candida cleanse, intestinal detox

Using the Happy Bum Gut Scrub, this is an oral blend and is mixed with purified water to be swallowed, it can help to give your entire digestive tract a gentle clean.

Happy Bum Gut Scrub, also known as Diatomaceous Earth (food grade fossil shell flour) is made up of a natural mix of minerals rich in silica, calcium, magnesium zinc and iron. These are essential to help support hair growth, healthy skin, strong bones and healthy teeth! Diatomaceous Earth may be very beneficial to help eliminate bloating, parasites and other digestive discomforts.

Take daily for 2-4 weeks depending on your gut health then a few times a week for maintenance. This blend has no taste, a slight gritty texture and is safe for everyone in the family to have.

For best results, perform all of your enemas and bulbs as often as you can! Remember to stay hydrated drinking as much water as possible, 3 litres of filtered water a day.

Consistency is the key to success. Best of luck on your detox and healing journey, if you need any further support please feel free to join our Facebook Group – Happy Bum Community!

Happy Detoxing!




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