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What is the best enema for PMS?


Every month we have an influx of messages from the women in our Happy Bum Community wondering how they can use their Happy Bums products to best support them through their menstrual cycles. This can be a challenging time for women who really suffer with the intense cramps, bloating, mood swings, irritability, lethargy and headaches that come with!

Don’t worry ladies, the answer is simple! We have so many things that can help you.

Best enema for menstrual cramping, PMS is by far the anti inflammatory blend/soothing turmeric. This contains not only turmeric, ginger and true cinnamon for the calming of your belly and womb region, but camomile is designed to reduce muscle spasming, cramping, digestive function and promote relaxation in the tummy. This can also help promote a restful sleep and stress relief.

Anti Inflammatory blend can be used in bigger quantities in the Happy Bum Bag (but beware of staining as the turmeric will leave a little stain if not washed out immediately) or the Happy Bum Bulb (preferred!) for retention. 

If you are feeling bloated and constipated which also comes with the territory, a nice warm water enema to clear the bowels first may be just what you need before your anti inflammatory, soothing bulb. 

Our new Happy Bum Hormone blend is due to launch in the next few months and this is specifically designed to help balance hormones, reduce cramping and reduce PMS!

Coffee enemas can also be used as support for PMS and relief during your period. Coffee enemas are known for their detoxification properties and often when we struggle with extreme PMS symptoms is a sign that they body is toxic and hormones are not balanced. As your cycle is a way that the body does detox naturally (keep in mind a period on birth control is not a true period and the body does not get the same benefits from this bleed) its a great time to be detoxing on a deeper level as well!

Not many people are aware of the impact heavy metals and other toxins that are commonly accumulating in the body. Heavy metals, found in most beauty products, cleaning products, spray deodorant, mining towns, tap water, pesticides and insecticides sprayed on non organic produce can play a huge role in hormone disruption. This can lead to painful bleeds, intense PMS symptoms, infertility, fatigue, foggy brain, anxiety, digestive issues and inflammation. Heavy metals can also play a role in menopause discomfort as the body at this time is slowing down it’s detoxification pathways as a part of its anti-aging process. If you haven’t done any detoxing prior to going through menopause, this can hit you like a ton of bricks. Common symptoms are weight gain, headaches, anxiety, metallic taste in the mouth and fatigue!

Bottom line ladies, detoxing is something you should be keeping on top of throughout your entire life. It will serve you well now, before you want children (did know you the average baby is born with over 236 chemicals in its blood stream passed from mother to baby in the umbilical cord!?) through your pregnancies, post birth, breastfeeding, as we age and menopause.

Happy Detoxing!




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