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How to Avoid a Hangover this Christm’ASS’

How to avoid a Hangover this Christmas with a Coffee Enema!

Here at Happy Bum HQ we are often asked questions debunking certain myths. One of our favourite questions is “Help! I have the worst hangover, will doing a Coffee Enema help me feel alive again?

Our answer is always, of course – YES! Do it, cleanse, detoxify and allow your body to open up it’s detox pathways quicker and easier. Ever experienced a hangover so bad that you vomit or spend half an hour on the toilet to begin the day tackling the well known ‘After Grog Bog?’ (If you are not Australian like us – I am sorry – we are crude at the best of times). Both vomiting and experiencing way more bowel motions the day after a big night is your bodies way of opening up detoxification pathways and expelling the toxicity as fast as it can. The more you learn about your Gut, you realise just how efficient our bodies truly are!

Essentially the feelings of ‘Nausea’ the morning after a big night of drinking is the Liver’s way of communicating that there is excess toxic load within the body – i.e. alcohol, sugar, poor food choices while drinking etc.. This is where Coffee Enemas come to save the day!

Coffee enemas assist the Liver in quickly eliminating such waste products. Ongoing nausea is a reaction to excess waste products in the body so that is why after an extra big night people complain of 2 or 3 day hangovers. 

Simply put – Coffee enemas work quickly and effectively to increase the liver’s ability to detoxify faster. We highly recommend doing Coffee Enemas over the Christmas season for those who experience such symptoms. Even if you don’t drink much but will enjoy a glass or two with your family or colleagues over the break – why not use your Enema Kit to ensure peace of mind that you aren’t overloading your Liver and contributing to Hormonal Disruptions?  

During a Coffee Enema, the caffeine gets absorbed into the bloodstream via the rectal veins and goes straight to the liver via the portal vein. This bypasses the digestive process and stimulates the production and flow of bile, by dilating the bile ducts. This increases the production of glutathione in the liver by 600-700%! Glutathione is the liver’s master antioxidant, which is crucial for detoxification. The liver uses Glutathione to bind free radicals, which can then leave the body safely. It also boosts energy levels, immune function, mental clarity, gut health, and the parasympathetic nervous system.⁠ (So basically – hangover cured quite instantly)

If you have a husband, partner, family members or friends who often drag themselves out of bed after a celebration – why not introduce them to Coffee Enemas? True love is preparing your partners Coffee Enema for the next morning as they go to bed after a big night. Trust me, they’ll thank you in the morning!



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