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Happy Bum Co was born from humble beginnings. The search for freedom and relief is what lead our founder, Kyah on this business journey.

It all started at age 14 when Kyah started developing sever bloating and chronic constipation causing incredible pain and discomfort.

Over a course of 2-3 years, Kyah tried it all, visited every ‘health professional’, did every scan, blood test, pills and invasive procedures; all to be told that nothing was wrong.

Modern medicine failed her, leaving a teenage girl who should be living in her prime, pondering over what the future had in store, kids, a husband, travel, freedom?

With a determination for an alternative, Kyah’s family came across colonic treatments and enemas, the game-changer they had been looking for.

What was revealed from colonic treatments was that her constipation and pain was a cause from years of poor diet, overuse of antibiotics and emotional stress.

Colonic treatments and at-home self-care with an enema, Kyah was enabled to take back control of her own health and start to see a future filled with hope and aspirations for a better life.

Today Kyah is strong, healthy and pain-free thanks to the continued support of enemas which she fit's into her daily routine, now living a normal and happy life.

Once faced with the future reality of becoming a lonely crazy cat lady, Kyah lives a purposeful life with a successful business, loving husband and 2 children.