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Who should become an Enema Advocate?

Anybody is welcome to become an Enema Advocate - shed light on an otherwise avoided topic - bowel health! Influence those around you to make a positive change in your day to day life and take back control of your gut health. Be the voice of change!

  • Gut health QUEENS/KINGS

  • Health Coaches

  • PT's & Fitness coaches

  • Wellness Mama's who love to share with their tribe

  • Influencers, social media gurus

  • The sky is the limit - anyone can become an enema advocate.

Why should somebody become an Enema Advocate?

- Share the benefits of detoxing with those around you
- Enjoy the benefits of those purchasing with your personal advocate link
- Inspire your audiences - be the voice
- Add value to your current offering/business
- Earn money while making real change
- Educate yourself on the benefits of gut healing and cleansing
- Be exposed to frequent educational webinars and learning material
- Be apart of something more - Monthly Zoom with all of the enema advocates allows you to connect with other likeminded advocates! During these webinars we will be unpacking all new products, you will be able to ask any questions your customers have had, and share in new knowledge and content ideas!
- Access discounted prices on our products
- Be the first to try our new products