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400g – 100% Organic Medium Roast Coffee Grinds – Enema Blend

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Organic Coffee Enema Grinds. Designed specifically for enema use.

Produced in Australia.




100% Organic Medium Roast Coffee Grinds – Enema Blend


Coffee enemas are can help to assist the body in eliminating harmful parasites and candida (yeast), fungus, boost antioxidant levels and can help detoxify the liver. Coffee enemas can aid with gut issues, relieve bloating and increase energy levels. They are also used in the Gerson Therapy for alternative cancer therapy.

How does it work? The caffeine in coffee gets absorbed into the blood via the rectal veins and goes straight to the liver via the portal vein. Thus bypassing the digestion. It stimulates the production and flow of bile, by dilating the bile ducts, and increases the production of glutathione in the liver by 600-700%. Glutathione is the liver’s master antioxidant, crucial for detoxification. The liver uses glutathione to bind free radicals, which can then leave the body. It also boosts energy levels, immune function, mental clarity and the parasympathetic nervous system.

How to Prepare A Coffee Enema


Bring 600ml (2.5 cups) of filtered water to the boil in a kettle or saucepan. Add 2 tbsp of ground coffee to a coffee plunger and pour boiling water over. Let stand for 10 minutes. Plunge to strain the coffee and let cool to body temperature. If you are short on time, you can add some more (purified) cold water, or ice cubes to speed up the process. Pour into your enema bag, insert and let it flow! Don’t worry if you can’t get it all in before you need to release. Just clamp up, release, then let the rest flow in and hold for 10-15 minutes if you can. You will get better at it!


Additional information

Weight 416 g
Dimensions 18.5 × 9 × 25 cm


  1. amandamflgroup (verified owner)

    I have been doing a combination of water and coffee enemas every second day for the last two weeks and oh my! I am feeling healthier, strangely lighter and I am noticing my energy levels are improving. It also smells amazing! Cannot recommend this product enough.

  2. Gabriella Ambrose

    Very simple way to reduce stress and inflamation I use these beans weekly

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