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A Pre & Pro Biotic blend which repopulates the gut with good bacteria which is essential for a healthy gut microbiome, especially when detoxing regularly. This product supports healthy nutrient absorption, laying the foundation for a good immune system and supports constipation, IBS and IBD. Formulated for use in the Bulb. Do not strain.


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Pre & Probiotic Blend to replenish after detoxing and to improve gut health. Use with your Happy Bum Bulb

Happy Bum Biotic is a specialty pre and probiotic blend designed for use in your Happy Bum Bulb to implant and retains colonising friendly bacteria into the colon. This is very powerful for creating a healthy gut microbiome, replenishing good bacteria after detoxing or simply improve gut health, immune health, and overall wellbeing.


What Our Happy Bums Say...

“After my first enema I awoke with no morning stiffness which had been my norm with rheumatoid arthritis.” – Amanda, 55.

What are or were you suffering from? I have been living with 3 autoimmune diseases for last 10 years, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and psoriasis. Medication is not the answer for me and I have tried all types of alternative health treatments to help my autoimmune disease but this has been a gamechanger. Stiffness, joint pain,…
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“My doctor recommended coffee enemas to help reduce my toxic load and it’s been a game changer!” – Kate, 26.

My doctor recommended coffee enemas to help reduce my toxic load and it’s been a game changer! I’m thrilled to say my hormones are balanced, my thyroid is back to normal function, my acne has completely cleared up, I’m not inflamed anymore, I go to the bathroom regularly
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Dermatitis, Allergies, Bloating and Constipation – Jessica, 28.

What are or were you suffering from? I am a long term bloating and constipation struggler! I also have a chronic skin condition call dermatitis and struggle with allergies and flares constantly. I have spent so much $$ trying to find solutions to help improve my health and reduce and ease my long term discomfort.…
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Happy Bum Blends to use with your Happy Bum Bag.