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How Detoxing using Coffee Enemas Positively Impacts your Hormone Balance

Did you know that studies show 80% of women experience hormonal imbalances? Most of which without even realizing? Symptoms such as heavy periods, irregular cycles, PMS symptoms, painful periods, bloating, decreased sex drive are all indicative of hormone imbalances (Mullin, C. 2018., MD, FACOG, IVF Director).  These are frighteningly common symptoms but not something we,…

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4 Ways to Support your Body Through the Healing Crisis

Are you wondering why all of the sudden your symptoms are appearing worse than before? Ever heard of the ‘healing crisis’?.. let us explain! The hardest part of cleansing your body of harmful toxins, heavy metals, parasites, and negatively charged bacteria is the initial couple of weeks after you start. We are completely transparent when…

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How to Avoid a Hangover this Christm’ASS’

Here at Happy Bum HQ we are often asked questions debunking certain myths. One of our favourite questions is “Help! I have the worst hangover, will doing a Coffee Enema help me feel alive again?“ Our answer is always, of course – YES! Do it, cleanse, detoxify and allow your body to open up it’s…

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