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How Coffee Enemas Cured my Constipation: Shez, 54

What are or were you suffering from? I was not moving my bowels as often enough Which Happy Bum Co Products have you used?  I bought the coffee beans and enema kit How long have you been doing Enemas for? 4 weeks What is your enema routine? I have a colonic locally every 6 weeks,…

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Get Rid of These 10 Common Health Conditions by only using your Enema Bag!

Ok if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably suffered from constipation or gut trouble at some point in your life. Whether or not you ate something bad and wished you could get it to quickly exit your body or if cant seem to control when your bowels gets the urge and find yourself in embarrassing situations or whether you got stressed, you ate too many emotional bread-rolls and then spent the next few days sitting on the toilet praying for some action… your DIY enema kit is going to be your new best friend for SO many reasons!

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Enemas: the best laxative you’ll ever not swallow

Most people when they think of constipations quick fix head straight to the pink pill section. Laxatives come in many different brands and colours but they have one thing in common; they are not the best option for your acute or severe constipation. In fact laxatives evoke an inflammatory and irritating reaction which incentivises the…

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