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5 Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch to Happy Bum TP. Unveiling Chemicals and Toxins in Standard Toilet Paper

At the Happy Bum Co we have recently launched our very own NON-TOX Eco Toilet Paper…here’s why! Toilet paper, a seemingly harmless and essential product found in every household, is often overlooked when it comes to considering potential health risks. While it may come as a surprise, standard toilet paper can contain chemicals and toxins…

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How I cured my Hormonal Acne with coffee enemas: Liv, 23

What are or were you suffering from? From a young age I suffered with hormonal acne without knowing what could be causing it, or how to approach it. When I reached early adulthood the state of my skin started affecting my confidence – and I started drastically searching for quick fixes. The only thing I…

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