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ABOUT THIS BLEND Excellent for joint pains and all types of inflammation including colitis, anti-inflammatory enemas may be very soothing to the body. IDEAL FOR People who suffer from: – Autoimmune Disease– Cancer– Diabetes– Joint, back and muscle pain– Chronic inflammation– Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Irritable Bowel Disease– Ulcerative Colitis– Crohns Disease INGREDIENTS – OPTION 1 1 Litre…

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ABOUT THIS BLEND Anti parasitic enemas are very powerful for detoxification as the body needs to eliminate the parasites before it can establish a healthy microbiome. IDEAL FOR Boosting your immune system and killing unwanted intestinal parasites and candida from the body. INGREDIENTS – Therapeutic Grade (doTERRA) oils: Oregano Oil Clove Oil Lemon Oil 1 Litre Purified Water Optional…

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ABOUT THIS BLEND Anti parasitic, garlic enemas can be beneficial for killing off worms and other parasites in the body. Garlic itself in its raw form is also anti viral and anti bacterial. Juicing the garlic is ideal for anti viral and anti bacterial purposes.  IDEAL FOR Boosting your Immune System and ridding your body of nasty parasites.…

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