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How I used coffee enemas as a part of my integrative cancer healing - Tania's Story

I love having the option to do an integrative therapy for cancer healing at home in the comfort of my own bathroom. This therapy option for me is so convenient...

I love having the option to do an integrative therapy for cancer healing at home in the comfort of my own bathroom.

This therapy option for me is so convenient and it makes me feel cognitively clear & calm and energetic. Enemas have been an integral part of my recovery from cancer.

Tania's Story:

"I began using coffee enemas as an Integrative therapy to heal from multiple myeloma cancer and detoxify my liver from toxic treatments, previous medication and accumulated heavy metals."

I made the conscious decision to use Happy Bum Co products because they support my nontoxic living, and trends with the Gerson therapy protocol.
True story, when I first started using enemas about a year and a half ago, I actually experienced a flatworm parasite removal!
My Results Speak for Themselves
Coffee enemas have been extremely beneficial in improving my immune system, ridding my body of parasites, increasing glutathione, reducing inflammation pain, swelling and fatigue, improving my moods, repairing my gut, allowing me to flow into parasympathetic response states easily and has helped my lymphatic drainage, blood purification and liver detoxification.
In the last year and a half I have had several monthly blood labs which I have been evaluating closely.
My enema protocol has been beneficial in purifying and clearing my blood and my improving liver function.

My blood labs have improved so much since the onset of my cancer diagnosis, with the use of enemas. Factually, my liver enzymes are perfect and my inflammatory cancers markers are all optimal to this date.
I have been in remission now for one year and five months, and I will continue enemas for life as a protocol to mitigate cancer reoccurrence and keep my glutathione production optimal. 

Prior to using enemas I was purchasing glutathione, but frankly, it's a waste of money when you can just do an enema.'
Tania is one of our many amazing customers using coffee and other. therapeutic enema blends as a part of her healing journey with cancer. This is a real testimonial sent in from Tania who is one of our ambassadors herself!


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