Find the answers to your most burning HB enema questions!

How often can you do an enema?

An enema is a tool to help with your gut health, inflammation or whatever it is that you are suffering from.

An enema can help support you achieve greater health and wellbeing from just about any condition however, each of you will have a different goal to achieve.

To determine for yourself how often you should use your Happy Bum Bag ask yourself a few questions: What are my goals? What is the dis-ease I am trying to solve? How do I feel after my enema? What does my gut say?

If you are constipated and not going to the toilet 2-3 times a day then a water enema is for you! You can do as many water enemas as you need to get things moving and whenever you need relief. If you are going 2-3 times a day and feel your bowels are emptying fully, you may not need regular water enemas as your body is already eliminating.

You may be suffering from candida, or parasites and then a coffee enema could be more suited to you. Or do you have cancer? Auto-immune disease? Poor skin? Sounds like your inflammation levels are high and regular anti inflammatory enemas would be beneficial until your body becomes less inflamed. Or perhaps alternating between coffee and anti-inflammatory.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Probiotic implants are also very powerful for replenishing gut bacteria so if you are doing regular enemas or trying to improve your gut health, regular probiotic implants are very beneficial.

Are you anxious? Again what you need will be different to the person next to you. Read the information provided under each recipe and section for further information.

Listen to your own body or if you are unsure consult your holistic practitioner or naturopath for more guidance that is familiar with enemas!

Whats the difference between a water and coffee enema?

A water enema is great for constipation, clearing the colon and is done by filling the whole 2 litre bag and filling as much as possible. No hold is required as the water is meant to reach as high up in the colon as possible and stimulate a release.⠀

A coffee enema is used for liver detoxification, boosting antioxidant levels, fighting fatigue, parasites, candida, and be useful for anxiety and depression. Coffee enemas use 600 ml of organic coffee that is then held in the colon for 15 minutes prior to releasing on the toilet.⠀

Try a water enema before you completing a coffee enema if you have trouble holding the coffee! A clear lower colon will help you hold the coffee solution for longer and make the coffee enema more comfortable to hold.⠀

How long do I hold a coffee enema?

10 minutes if you are very sensitive to caffeine, but 15-20 minutes for maximum benefit.

When should you change your enema tip?

Every few months of when it becomes discoloured. Depends on your usage amount. Always clean thoroughly.

Can I do an enema when I'm pregnant?

Yes water enemas are generally safe during pregnancy. Always check with your health care professionals before.

Will enemas remove all of my good gut bacteria?

Chances are if you have gut issues, you are already struggling in the good bacteria department. A healthy gut microbiome is filled with friendly bacteria, when we cleanse with enemas we do remove both good and bad (your body doesn't discriminate) but with a healthy diet in a clean environment your good bacteria will repopulate naturally and flourish better than if they were in the previous toxic environment. This being said, for best results and if you are doing enemas more than once a week, we highly recommend replenishing your good bacteria in your colon using the Happy Bum Biotic in the bulb. This will ensure the good bacteria colonises before any bad bacteria and should help improve your gut health even further.