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Est. in 2018.

Meet the Face Behind the Brand & Our Mission

Our Brand Story - Happy Bum Co

Our Mission, Why & How We Began

Our "Why" - Founder & CEO

"I originally Started the Happy Bum Co because I wanted to help people who were suffering with their gut health, just like me." -Founder Kyah Seary

At the Happy Bum Co, we believe in proactive natural health solutions. We believe enemas and detoxification are the missing pieces to the health puzzle and we are so passionate about teaching people about the benefits and how to use them to get relief from their health conditions.

Our goal is to inspire, educate and empower you to improve your gut health, detoxify your bodyand take back control of their own health.

Happy Bum Co is a leader in Wellness. Our now multi-award winning brand has revolutionised the way people detox and the tools to regain their health at home.

Kyah's Story - How These Products Saved Me

My story, how Enemas helped me & why I am so passionate about our products.

The Full Story.

The Happy Bum Co was founded by Kyah Seary, a passionate Colon Hydrotherapist, Gut Health Specialist and Mother of three who strongly believes in the benefits of detoxification after her extreme childhood constipation left her desperate for relief.

This started her lifelong passion for colon cleansing, natural health and detoxification. Enemas proved to be an invaluable tool throughout her struggles with constipation and provided immediate, natural and portable relief anytime, anywhere.

The Happy Bum Co was created so she could share these amazing tools for gut health with the community she knew so desperately needed them. After opening her own Colon Hydrotherapy clinic in Brisbane in 2018, she searched for enema kits to offer to her colon hydrotherapy clients, and was underwhelmed with what was available.

Determined to give her clients the freedom and relief she once found, Kyah decided she would create her own line of detoxification and enema products and offer support, guidance and education to those embarking on their detox journey. Ensuring only the best quality, ingredients and support given on each of the products. Often enemas are the last things people will try as they are scared to put something up their bum and make a mess.

Her aim was to change that mentality around enemas and detoxing to create a positive, supportive and encouraging community of like-minded people searching for better health. We have achieve this and so much more, the Happy Bum Co is now worldwide and rapidly expanding on customer referrals and demand alone! We are so excited that you are here. Thank you and good luck on your detox journey!


Our mission at Happy Bum Co is to shine a light on the taboo topics of gut health and remove the fear and stigma that commonly surrounds using enemas, going to the toilet and "butt stuff". We want to raise awareness about the benefits of enemas so people who are suffering can get the relief they need. To the people out there who are living in constant pain - we feel you. And we can help.

We truly believe that enemas and our approach can help anyone. No matter what it is that you are suffering from, detoxing and enemas can help. We also believe that laughter is the best medicine, and in order to heal you must believe it is possible. That why we aim to make detoxing fun and your Happy Bum Bag something to be proud of.

We hope that our stylish kits strip away the fear and embarrassment you have around using enemas so that you can feel confident to discover the benefits of detoxing on your wellness journey.

We know anything new can be daunting to start, but we aim to educate, inspire, support and empower all of our Happy Bum's to let go of their fears and live a healthy life, free from pain and suffering.

“Healing can only happen when we believe it is possible”

We believe you can.

Love & Light

Happy Bum Co

Our Team - Meet The Happy Bum Co

Real People, Just Trying to Make Make a Difference. Meet Kyah, Kat & Liv

Where We Are - Locations

Happy Bum HQ is in Brisbane, QLD Australia. Our Other Warehouse is located in MI, USA. UK & Canada Coming Soon! Worldwide Shipping Available to most locations.