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Chronic Disease & Inflammation

Help fight disease naturally and support lower inflammation in your body.

Key Benefits

Learn How this Bundle Could Help Supports Inflammation and Chronic Disease.

Eliminate Free Radical Cells

Coffee enemas are believed to increase glutathione production in the body by up to 700% which has been shown to bind to free radical cells and help eliminate them. Cancer cells are free radical cells.

Boost your immune system

Coffee enemas have been shown to help stimulate up to a 700% increase in glutathione which is your body's master antioxidant detoxifer. Glutathione is crucial for all aspects of your health but antioxidants can help boost your immune function, fighting disease .

Soothe Turmeric blend has known ingredients including turmeric that have been shown to prevent disease, lower inflammation, support tumors to shrink and support overall healing.

Biotic probiotic blend helps boost the immune system as 70% of your immune system lives in your gut.

Lower inflammation

Detoxifying the body can help support inflammation and toxicity removal from the body. Irritants, disease and toxins can cause inflammation and therefore assisting the eliminating chemicals, parasites, mould, mucus and old stool from the body while boosting liver function can have a huge impact in lowering your inflammation levels.

Soothe blend is full of natural anti-inflammatories and is so beneficial to soothe the body post enema detox. You can also sip this blend as a tea through the day.

Supports Alternative Cancer Protocols

Our coffee enema kits can be used as a part of the in Gerson Therapy or other natural health protocols. These generally done under the guidance of integrative doctors or professionals. Coffee enemas are well known for their role in the Gerson Therapy to naturally help fight cancer developed by Dr. Max Gerson.

Post enema detox, support your inflammation levels to lower with a soothe bulb. All disease is linked to chronic inflammation in the body.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. You should consult your doctor prior to use, or seek an integrative doctor, Gerson Therapy Specialist prior to undertaking this.

Supports Auto-Immune Conditions

Coffee enemas may be beneficial in healing from auto-immune conditions. The believed deep liver detoxification that can occur during a coffee enema may help to remove inflammation and toxicity from the body, help cleanse the blood and aid boosting antioxidant levels. This has been demonstrated in blood results and liver enzyme counts from many integrative patients.

They may also help fight fatigue, adrenal fatigue, lower stress and inflammation.

Soothe bulbs are recommended post enema detox to replenish the body with natural anti inflammatories absorbed straight into the gut.

Support for Ulcerative Colitis, Colitis & Crohns

Tackle inflammation and soothe the area straight at the source. Turmeric enemas may be beneficial to manage colon inflammation and have been shown in studies to help support gut inflammation, assist in relieving symptoms for Ulcerative Colitis, Colitis and Crohns disease.

Like soothing a sore throat, use your Soothe blend to help soothe your gut.

A healthy gut has the right bacteria. Replenish with Biotic bulbs!

Again, this is not medical advice and may not be right for everyone. Contact your doctor before use and seek your own personal medical advice. Enemas should never be used during a flare up.

Relieves Irritable Bowel Syndrome & IBD

Irritable bowel can be generally linked to heavy inflammation, parasites and stress. Coffee enemas may help to remove parasites, lower stress levels and remove old built up waste in the colon. This can have a positive benefit effect on those suffering with gut issues on top of their chronic illness.

The gut is linked to all aspects of health, so cleansing the colon and supporting the liver detox pathways may help your healing journey.

Support Post Chemotherapy

Many of our Happy Bums decide to start detoxing after Chemotherapy. Removing the toxins and chemicals from the treatment out of their body. Enemas may be beneficial to aids lowering inflammation naturally and improving their gut health to improve overall feelings of wellbeing.

Glutathione (antioxidant produced up to 700% your normal amount) during a coffee enema could be beneficial and as been shown to help benefit health post chemo.

Support Fibromyalgia & Pain Relief

Coffee enemas were used as pain relief in WW1 and their benefits from pain relief are still seen today. Many Happy Bums with Fibromyalsia may find relief from doing the enemas.

Soothe blend has natural anti-inflammatories and may be beneficial for sore joints, acnes and fibromyalgia.

Help Boost Immune Function
Natural Cancer Support
Naturally Lower Inflammation
May Support Chronic Inflammatory Conditions

How To Use Your Bundle

General recommendation for use only!

Coffee Enema

For maximum benefits, Get flowing with your coffee enemas at least 2-3x a week! Many practice daily. Hold for 12-15 minutes. Release on Toilet.

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Soothe Turmeric Bulb

Infuse your body with natural anti-inflammatories post enema detox to replenish and send healing support right into the blood stream.

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Biotic Bulb

Replenish your friendly gut bacteria with pre-probiotic bulbs. 70% of your immune system lives in your gut!

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