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Gut Greens - Alkalising & Digestive Blend
Elizabeth Salaivao (Brisbane, AU)

Has helped with my gut issues, Bloating, aches & pains. I love this product

Happy Bum Bag Complete Enema Kit
Tiffani Richards (Alexandria, US)
Complete **** kit

So easy to use. Helpful videos to get started. First time for me trying enemas and it’s the best decision I have ever made for my health. I’m doing an **** everyday now for I was quite toxic. I mostly started this for parasite removal and it has helped tremendously. I am so thankful for Happy Bum company because I might not have ever tried enemas. The helpful videos inspired me to order. The packaging is A + and fast shipping. I live in the states. If I could give this company 1000 stars I would have

Sleek and easy

Honestly, Coffee enemas have always been extremely intimidating. However, this beginners, Kit made the process super straightforward and easy. I’ve shown like 7 of my friends already!

Great product and amazing customer service

I have loved everything about this product. While I've only just started to use the enemas and will continue to see the benefits I can only say positive things about Kyah and her customer service. She has been able to answer all of my questions and provide support. Big thanks Kyah!

Happy is the word!

Loving this product. Since using it I am noticing that I am not as bloated and I have more energy.
I am so glad to have been referred to this product as it was something that I would never have thought would have been an option to help.

Happy Bum Bag Complete **** Kit

Prompt delivery, easy to use and instructions are clear and easy to follow. Have used twice so far and I’m already clearing intestinal worms which is amazing

Most POPULAR Refill Bundle - *Subscription*
Carla Bailey (Brisbane, AU)
Good value

Good value pack but this is my first time trying the fibre and hydrate. For me, they are so sickly sweet and very hard to stomach. I won’t be buying them again. However, I am a regular with the coffees and will definitely be back for more. I love the greens for enemas but can’t stand the taste. Love the probiotic.

Beginner pack

Wow what a difference ! I have been feeling tired and blocked up for so long, instant relief, so easy to use, I’m not going to the toilet everyday with no issues and have lots of energy! Thank you!

Beginners bundle is a winner!

I have seen results since the first **** on day one , removing parasites and feeling cleansed. So easy to use daily and found it now gives me my time to myself to relax and look after me

Happy Bum MAG - Colon Cleansing Support
Anissa McMillan (Brisbane, AU)
Happy Bum Mag

As always, super fast shipping. I have been using these tablets for over a year and they truly work. When I get constipated, Happy Bum Mag work the next morning. Excellent products.

More Energy

Started coffee **** about 2 weeks ago , noticed a huge increase in energy and stamina. Will continue to use

Happy Bum Towel - Elevate your Enema Space!
Jenny Robson (Brisbane, AU)
Happy Bum Happy Mum

Best thing I ever discovered to help with chronic fatigue, illness and constipation. Thanks guys you have saved my life legit…you don’t **** you die 😂

So far so good

I am liking the product so far I haven’t used it a ton but when I have used it I have like the results. They product dose what is says it’s going to do so far happy with my purchase. 😊

Just do it!!

I had been considering coffee enemas for so long and was having such a difficult time taking the plunge. Even once I received my kit I walked by it for weeks before I finally tried it. After the first time I was hooked. Happy Bum makes it so easy! Almost immediately I felt relief from the near constant pain I felt in my stomach. Since doing coffee enemas regulalry, I've had so many compliments on my skin and have been told the whites of my eyes are brighter. I truly feel so much better!
The team at Happy Bum have been so helpful and kind. They've provided great information and always answer my questions in a timely manner. It's reassuring to know if you have a question they're there.
I'm so glad I started with Happy Bum and you will be too!!

So good

Love this electrolyte blend. Feel really hydrated, tastes great and all natural. Just want you want. Tried lots of other brands this is my favourite.

Don’t know what it is about this container but I’ve used coffee presses before and they always get coffee grounds in my coffee and never seem to be able to push the plunger all the way to the bottom.. this one doesn’t do any of that!!! No grounds and you can press the plunger all the way down!! Best one I have ever owned

My favorite blend!

I am very happy with Happy Bum products. Will continue buying.

First timer to enemas. I was nervous at first, but so glad I started doing them! Took away my back pain immediately ♥️ can’t wait to see more results

Absolutely amazing!

Love my Happy Bum products!

The coffee is amazing! As someone that gets severe migraines from most coffee, I was very nervous to try coffee enemas. The Happy Bum Beans are great, I haven’t had a migraine once from the coffee and I have been using them for about a month now. That to me is a very good indicator that they are what they say they are, organic, clean and bum friendly. Thank you for making something in this domain that looks inspiring, encouraging and bright! Often you see products in this field that look very clinical, I didn’t want something that made me feel like I was sick and this was a requirement, I wanted something that would make me feel like I was going to a fun spa and a time for self love! The whole kit is very easy to use and straightforward. Much love allll the way from Canada!! 🇨🇦💛

Love my Happy Bum Bundle

What can I say? I just love my Happy Bum products. I have been using them now for years and my health has never been better! I love the coffee enemas and the MAG - I was able to stop taking chemical laxatives and my bowels now work on their own!

Thank you!

This is what I was looking for! I have tried everything and I wish I knew about your products sooner! So happy I found them.

Coffee **** bliss

I just love doing my coffee ****! It’s a real me-time-moment, and I can feel my nervous system relaxing while I’m holding the coffee, the mind chattering stops and I drift off into this blissful state….☺️

Amazing results & products!

I have been using the coffee **** kit for a while now and absolutely love it. Such an easy and affordable way to detox and relieve constipation in the comfort of your own home. The quality of the coffee and **** bag is outstanding. Happy bum Mag has been a game changer for me and at any sign of constipation I take 3 of these and the next morning I am on the toilet. The biotic is perfect for mixing in your smoothies and I’ve also loved giving it to my kids. Would definitely recommend these products.