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Great product, very happy

Alyssa Mcivor (Medicine Hat, CA)

Easy to use!


Loved this so much! Everyone needs one

Steph (Brisbane, AU)
Happy Bum

I purchased this product a couple weeks ago after having weeks long conversations with co-workers who were contemplating or are using it. Finally a co worker and I decided we’d try it out.

This will now be my 3rd time using it since & my gosh you instantly feel so much better afterwards.

Since using it I’ve noticed:
- going to the toilet more often to do a bowel movement
-less bloating
- I have hemroids so after a bowel movement I tend to bleed quite intensely, after using happy bum I have barely bled and if I do there’s barely anything.

I have recommended this product to so many of my friends & co-workers already.

Virginia Parker (Greenville, US)
Life changing

After deciding to take on a heavy metal detox and parasite cleanse, in researching, I found out about the benefits of coffee enemas. Shortly thereafter, my happy bum was on the way. Expensive? Yes. But nice things cost money and health is priceless so do the math. Totally worth it. I have been doing a few CEs a week leading up to my detox to work on opening drainage pathways. First time, it was extremely hard to hold. After about 4 weeks, I really just sit back and relax. Immediately I noticed an improvement in my “IBS.” No more running to the bathroom.. As if i have more control of my bowels. I was already a regular “goer” but now I don’t have that occassional run to the bathroom at all. I am now on Day 2 of my detox officially and you would not believe what came out of me after a CE yesterday! I was shocked as it was only the first day of actually taking tinctures. I found at least 3 different identifiable parasites and mucus by the pounds. I wish I was lying. Like really i wish this was not real life. Yet it is so I highly recommend this product to anyone that has eaten processed foods, is interested in detox/cleanse, or has GI, acid reflux, or IBS.