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10 ways an Enema kit is going to change your life

Not only can your DIY Happy Bum Bag enema kit help you in the instant poo relief department but it can also help to support the relief of chronic pain, inflammation, gut...

Not only can your DIY Happy Bum Bag enema kit help you in the instant poo relief department but it can also help to support the relief of chronic pain, inflammation, gut health issues, boost your energy levels, improve your changes of conception, make your pregnancy more comfortable, build up your immune system, improve your mental health, help you lose weight and relieve, lessen the symptoms of the common cold and flu.

10 Ways Your Happy Bum Bag Will Change Your Life

1. Instant Constipation Relief

No more laxatives and praying for the poo gods to come - suffering from constipation can be really uncomfortable. When your colon is compacted, your pants get hard to button up, you feel bloated, lethargic, toxic, and heavy. Even if you go once a day, many people find they still don't feel empty, and cleansed after their bowel movements so a DIY enema at home can help remove excess waste that's sitting in your colon and make you feel so much better! Enema kits are a much safer and non-toxic alternative to chemical laxatives and do not create any additional inflammation or reliance on the bowel. Have a bowel movement on command using your DIY enema kit!

2. Tackle Inflammation at the source

Instead of taking oral over the counter anti-inflammatories like neurofin or panadol which are simply just bandaids and can end up burning holes in your stomach lining, why not put a powerful natural anti-inflammatory solution straight into your bloodstream where it's needed most? Without all the nasties. Anti Inflammatory enemas use turmeric and other natural strong anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm, soothe and reduce inflammation at the source making them great for anyone that suffers from joint pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, ulcerative colitis, colitis, or a chronic disease that is linked to inflammation.

3. Instant Stress Relief

Coffee enemas and stress relieving enemas can activate your parasympathetic nervous system in minutes, bringing your body down out of it's heightened state or fight or flight mode. This can provide instant stress relief, reduce feelings of anxiety, and relax you fast! In times of panic, or if you find it hard to sleep with a busy brain, do a quick enema before bed and watch your stress melt away.

4. Goodbye Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are often caused by the bad bacteria, parasites or yeast living inside the body. When we eat these things, they multiply and call for more. If you find yourself struggling with sugar cravings, coffee enemas can help! Coffee enemas can help to eliminate any unwanted yeasts and parasites from the body as well as aid the liver to detoxify thus reducing and eliminating your cravings. This is very helpful for weight loss and all gut health issues.

5. Energy Boost

Gone are the days of the 3pm slump! Coffee enemas in the morning will boost your body's antioxidant levels, decrease your toxic load and give you the bounce back in your step. As your liver detoxifies, your body needs to spend less energy processing toxicity and gives more energy back to you!

6. No More Travel Poo Shyness

Ever go on a business trip or holiday and found it difficult to go to the toilet out of your comfort zone? This is because our bodies are creatures of habit, flying can be very dehydrating and stress can often bind us up. Take your enema kit with you everywhere you go so you never have to feel clouded, toxic, and bloated before your big presentation or your honeymoon.

7. Heal Your IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is commonly misunderstood as something you cannot treat or heal. Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be a mixture of constipation or diahorrea and can leave you feeling nervous about leaving the house, attending events or getting stuck somewhere without a toilet. It can also leave you frustrated as one day you may have the runs, and the next week be totally blocked up. IBS is generally caused and enhanced by stress, poor diet and parasites which is why your enema kit can easily help. First and foremost, clear out your colon of all the old bad bacteria in there that are contributing to the problem with some water enemas. Then add in regular coffee enemas to banish all the yeasts, parasites, and detox your liver. Some anti-inflammatory enemas to reduce the inflammation that has been caused by the stress and diet and finally probiotic implants to replenish and repopulate your good bacteria! Your

Happy Bum Bag is literally a one-man show for assisting with IBS as it's so versatile it can be used to support so many different parts of the problem. See also our recommendations for a low inflammatory diet and additional parasite cleansing.

8. PMS relief

If you are one of the many women who get painful cramping around their menstrual cycle, an enema bag can change your life. Constipation is also very common before your period so using enemas to assist the body to detoxify and unload before the flow comes, can reduce bloating and discomfort. PMS cramping is also commonly enhanced by toxicity levels in the body and hormonal imbalance, which using coffee enemas or other soothing blends can help to relieve. Once a month is too common to be in pain and discomfort, use your enema kit to help. This can also be helpful for those who suffer with endometriosis.

9. Brain Fog

Ever feel like you cant think straight? Your mind is cloudy and you can't figure out why? Toxic overload! Watch as your mind clears and your happiness improves when you do regular enemas and cleansing of the colon. Coffee enemas and water enemas are both great for brain fog as they reduce the amount of toxicity in the body which purifies the blood and minimises the amount of toxic material that is then reabsorbed into the blood stream and ultimately makes your brain foggy.

10. Improve your Sex Life

It's no secret that feeling bloated ain't sexy. When you suffer from constant gut health issues, bloating, IBS, constipation, getting intimate with your partner may be the last thing you feel like doing. Being constipated can also make sex painful so your DIY enema kit can really help get you in the mood, increase your sex drive and make the entire experience much more enjoyable (as it should be!). Who doesn't want that?

There are so many ways a Happy Bum Bag enema kit can change your life. For me, it gave me the freedom to be comfortable every day on my own terms as I struggled with chronic constipation for many years. It allowed me to feel good in my own skin, boost my confidence, improve my gut health and overall, that improves every aspect of your life.

Time to make your enema kit your next home health essential. It will change your life, seriously!


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