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Are Coffee Enemas The Natural Alternative To Laxatives?

Looking for a natural, low cost alternative? Coffee enemas may be the answer.  

Feeling constipated, blocked up or bloated? It’s super uncomfortable and can leave you feeling completely miserable right? 

There are many root causes of constipation (poor diet, physical inactivity, medications, stress etc) but when you’re feeling completely blocked up, instantaneous relief is often the number one priority! 

Emergency! Help me poo! 

If you were to visit your GP or pop to your local chemist, one of the most common, readily used ‘solutions’ offered are laxatives. 

Unfortunately, over the counter laxatives can contain a cocktail of chemicals (yuck!) and may have a negative effect on the colon and even make constipation worse!

Downsides of laxative use

  • Overuse of certain laxatives can lead to dependency and decrease bowel function
  • May interfere with your body’s absorption of some medications and nutrients
  • Some laxatives may lead to an electrolyte imbalance, especially after prolonged use

What about over the counter enemas and suppositories?

These are used to cleanse and evacuate stool by inserting the solution into your rectum however enema solutions available at chemists only reach the lower colon can contain ingredients such as Sodium Citrate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Sorbitol and Glycerol. Why would you want to put more chemicals into your body?  

So what’s the alternative? 

Looking for a natural, low cost alternative? Coffee enemas may be the answer.  

Why Coffee Enemas?  

  • Instantly relieves constipation, bloating & IBS symptoms
  • Safe and suitable for the whole family 
  • Helps support the root cause of your gut issues such as candida, toxicity, or parasites
  • Supports effective detoxification 
  • Reduces your toxic load and all the ugly symptoms that come with it such as skin breakouts or hormonal issues 
  • Empowering! You can do them yourself, at home, as often as you need!

What have you got to lose? (apart from some old hard poo!)

Coffee enemas are an easy, effective and natural way to ease the discomfort of constipation! 

Are coffee enemas safe?  

Our Liver is extremely resilient and responds well to small adjustments such as adding coffee enemas into our wellness regimens. They are well known to be a powerful tool for detoxification as the caffeine in coffee dilates the liver’s bile ducts, facilitating elimination of toxins trapped in the liver.  

When our liver becomes overloaded, it struggles to break down substances and then recycles these back into the body in their harmful state. Not only do coffee enemas help to open up detoxification pathways, but they also boost your glutathione levels by approximately 600%. Glutathione is one of the body’s most important and potent antioxidants, made up of amino acids – glutamine, glycine and cysteine. 

Why Happy Bum Co? 

Happy Bum Co is a leader in Wellness. Our multi-award winning brand has revolutionised the way people detox and the tools to regain their health at home. Our mission at Happy Bum Co is to shine a light on the taboo topics of gut health and remove the fear and stigma that commonly surrounds using enemas. 

We all poo! 

We want to raise awareness about the benefits of enemas so people who are suffering can get the relief they need. To the people out there who are living in constant pain - we feel you and we can help. 

Happy detoxing!



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