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How enemas can support

Womens Health at all Stages

Hormonal changes happen throughout all stages of life.

Today, over 85% of women suffer from hormonal imbalances that affect their skin, fertility, weight, moods, emotional wellbeing, sex life, cycles and transition into menopause.

Exposure to toxins is at an all time high, especially for women, and many chemicals are hormone disruptors.

There is a proven correlation between symptoms of PMS, endometriosis, peri-menopause, infertility, period pain and inflammation and toxic load.

This is how the Happy Bum Range can help. Detoxing with enemas can help to remove these harmful chemicals causing the interruptions, increase organ function and promote healthy hormone function.

Many women also find once they begin to clear the bowels and colon cleanse, their hormones improve as well. Everything links back to good gut health, lowering inflammation and supporting your body with a healthy stress response.

Check out our range of products that do EXACTLY this and see the difference for yourself.
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