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3 Reasons to Coffee Enema during a Juice Cleanse

Did you know that throughout a juice cleanse or fast that coffee enemas can be extremely beneficial? Have you been wondering if you should use your kit next time you...

Did you know that throughout a juice cleanse or fast that coffee enemas can be extremely beneficial? Have you been wondering if you should use your kit next time you do a cleanse? Here are 3 key reasons why you definitely SHOULD: 
  1. Quicken the detoxification process 

During a Juice Cleanse, toxins and negative bacteria, yeast and parasites may be cleansed from the body as the main food source which feeds such bacterias is cut off. Detoxification can bring up many unwanted symptoms temporarily, such as headaches, fatigue, brain fog, bloating or skin breakouts. By pairing your juice cleanse with an Enema, you are giving your body the best chance to tackle such detox symptoms and move the bad bacteria out quickly so you can feel better, sooner.

  1. Maintain regular bowel motions

As your body is having a break from eating solid food during a juice cleanse, this can often lead to a halt in bowel motions. Although this is temporary, we want to move out any waste that is left sitting stagnant in the Colon from before the juice cleanse (it is 2 meters long and can hold 5-7kgs of waste). 

  1. Better absorption of nutrients

By cleansing the colon with a warm water enema or Coffee Enema throughout your juice cleanse, you are releasing old waste that is sitting on the walls of the colon which can hinder your absorption of nutrients within the juices you are consuming. This absorption of nutrients from juices can increase your immunity, boost energy and vitality and improve your overall wellbeing. The ingredients within the juices are often diverse and different to what you would normally consume on a daily basis, meaning an increase in good gut bacteria and microbial diversity. If you are wanting to get the absolute most out of your juices - cleansing the colon is a must.


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Happy Cleansing, Bums xx


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