If you are suffering from...

Pregnancy Constipation

Don't let feeling blocked up and bloated ruin the joy in this magical time.

Key Benefits

Learn How this Bundle Supports a Healthy Pregnancy

Instantly relieve bloating and constipation

Water enemas naturally soften the stool and stimulate a release

Eliminates painful gas and bloating

With a baby on board, it's common for constipation to set in and uncomfortable gas and bloating as well. Enemas instantly relieve this gas by oepning up the bowels. No chemicals, totally natural.

Softens stool and helps hemorrhoids

Many women get hemorrhiods during pregnancy due to the extra pressure and often constipation and straining. Happy Bum Mag keeps things soft, easy to pass and can help minimise the need for straining. So do the enemas!

Clear the bowels before birth

Many of our Happy Bums have found they like to do an enema in labour to make sure their pathways are clear before giving birth. This can make things slightly more comfortable and relieve some pressure.

Improved Mental Clarity, less pregnancy brain

Many women find that after doing an enema they have less brain fog and more mental clarity, Pregnancy brain seems to dissipate with the toxicity!

Healthy hormone function

Ensuring. your bowels are moving daily means your hormones are much more likely to become imbalanced. You need healthy hormones to stimualte oxytocin for labour and breastfeeding!

Clear skin from hormonal acne

It's common to have skin breakouts during pregnancy as your hormones shift and change. Ensuring the bowels keep moving and eliminate means less toxins need to find an alternative route out through your skin.

Relieves Bloating & Constipation Immediately
Mental Clarity and Less Brain Fog
Helps Prevent and Manage Hemorrhoids
Clearer Skin and Labour Prep

How To Use Your Bundle

To Support Pregnancy Constipation

Happy Bum MAG

Take 4 Capsules of Happy Bum MAG before bed to soften the stool. This works overnight and will liquify waste in the colon for an easier and fuller enema release and deeper colon cleanse.

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Water Enema

instant constipation and bloating relief whenever you need it! Fill up the bag with purified water, let it in and experience the relief!

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Gut Scrub

Take 1 Tablespoon of Gut Scrub daily upon waking in a glass of water. Helps relieve gas and bloating.

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"If the waste isnt coming out...where is it going? Certainly not something I want sitting in there with my baby!"