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Hormonal Imbalances

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Learn How this Bundle Supports Healthy Hormones

Coffee Enemas help Eliminate Excess oestrogen

Many of our hormonal symptoms are caused by excess oestrogen (one of our sex hormones). PMS, swollen breasts, painful cycles. Many cancers are caused by oestrogen dominance and there are many causes for this.

Coffee enemas stimulate Phase 1 & 2 liver detoxification which can safely remove excess oestrogen from the bloodstream so it does not get reabsorbed causing imbalances.

Help Relieve symptoms of PMS

Coffee Enemas and Hormone Bulbs can make a huge difference to your cycle. By eliminating toxins that are causing hormone disruption, this can lower symptoms of PMS. Eliminating excess oestrogen with liver detoxification from coffee can also support this.

Many women find after they begin doing regular coffee enemas and regularly drinking or doing hormone support blend bulbs their symptoms either disappear or are far more manageable.

Natural Pain Relief on your period

Coffee Enemas were originally used for pain relief in WW1. Many women today use them to help naturally reduce pain during their menstrual cycles.

Enemas during your cycle can also help to relieve bloating, improve emotional wellbeing and moodiness.

Promote Healthy Hormone Function

These Incredible Ingredients support healthy hormone function:

Fenugerek- boost breast milk production, increased libido, helps control blood sugar levels,

Withania Somnifera- reduce insomnia, reduce anxiety, aging, mental stress,

Siberian ginseng - immune boosting, fight off stress and disease, reduce risk of diabetes, prevent colds, reduce stress, decrease blood glucose levels, fights viral infections

Inulin- controsl blood sugar,

Maca - libido boosting, reduce menopause symtoms, boost energy and endurance, reduce blood pressure, high antioxidant levels fights free radicals

Beetroot - Lower blood pressure, oxygenates the blood and promotes brain function, improves athletic performance, encourages blood flow, anti inflammatory, liver health, supports weight loss

Lemon juice powder - rich in vitamin c, immune boosting, improves skin, blood pressure control, supports weight loss.

Helps Relieve Symptoms of Peri-Menopause & Menopause

As we age, our detoxification process slows and we are hit with many uncomfortable symptoms during these big hormonal life changes. Coffee enemas can help to relieve the symptoms associated with peri-menopause including hot flushes, brain fog, fatigue, moodiness, stubborn weight loss, bloating, anxiety and more.

Happy Bum Hormone blend helps support healthy production of our hormones to feel healthy, strong and vibrant.

Support fertility

Many women report after having PCOS or other hormonal issues, or simply not falling pregnant that after they begin detoxing with coffee enemas and using our hormone blend they are able to conceive naturally.

Clear skin from hormonal acne

One of the biggest concerns women have is their skin. As your skin is your largest detox organ, when we are carrying excess toxicity or our liver is overloaded it is common to get breakouts and acne. By detoxifying the liver with coffee enemas and opening up detoxification pathways through the bowels, these toxins are released and the skin begins to clear.

Many of our customers report clearer skin and their acne disappearing - even after they've tried everything else!

Supports Coming Off Contraceptives

Many women struggle to come off birth control bills or other contraceptives as they face skin breakouts and other discomfort. Coffee enemas and hormone bulbs can make this process more pleasant and successful without the breakouts and side effects.

Breast Implant Illness & Explant Support

Coffee enemas can be helpful to support the liver and detoxificaton process post breast explant and may support the symptoms of Breast Implant Illness. As these toxins affect the hormones dramatically, Happy Bum Hormone Blend can help support healthy hormones and help support symptoms.

Testimonial - Rhian's Story

How Rhian used Happy Bum Co coffee enemas and hormone blend to get relief from her hormonal struggles.

Eliminate Excess Oestrogen
Relieve Symptoms of PMS
Clearer Skin
Supports Peri-Menopause & Menopause

How To Use Your Bundle

For best results.

Coffee Enema

For maximum benefits, Get flowing with your coffee enemas at least 2-3x a week! Hold for 12-15 minutes. Release on Toilet.

Learn How
Hormone Bulb

Bulb post Enema and drink on the other days as a tea! Use your Hormone Blend to support healthy hormone production daily.

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