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Beginners Guide for Using Enemas

It is so great to see the popularity and awareness around enemas growing so rapidly since we started our company 5 years ago, but we still get a lot of...

It is so great to see the popularity and awareness around enemas growing so rapidly since we started our company 5 years ago, but we still get a lot of the same questions surfacing in regards to starting out. Even people who have been well immersed in the world of natural healing can still be nervous of doing an enema for the first time, therefore putting off one of the most powerful tools for health.

We want to make you feel at ease and excited about using your Happy Bum Bag for enemas. It's not secret that our world today is loaded with toxins. From pesticides sprayed on the food we eat, to petrochemicals in our skin care, cleaning products, not to mention paints, perfumes, deodorising sprays we don't even realise we come into contact with on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to make enemas a regular thing.

So, what do you need to know? Why should you just rip open your enema bag today and get into it?!


  1. The insert doesn't hurt. Like at all. Maybe if you have a haemorrhoid, but let's face it any bowel movement you have will then also hurt so your enema will be no different except that it will minimise you need to strain and aggravate it further. We recommend starting with the silicone tip that is already attached to your Happy Bum Bag, then if you get comfortable with that you can try the colonic nozzle if you wish! It's really personal preference.
  2. You wont have a poo explosion on the floor. In your head, if you've never done an enema before we totally get it. You put water up your butt and laying on the floor equals poo everywhere. For most people, and especially those who already do not suffer from incontinence, this is unlikely to happen. If you are super super worried, just do your enema in the bathtub and then if it does you just wash it down. Remember you are at home and you don't actually have to tell anyone what went down, but practice makes perfect. Seasoned enema users can hold a full 2 litres bag of water, go make a cuppa in the next room and still make it back to the toilet in time. Whilst your toilet bowel has an explosion coming, your bathroom floor and dignity should be pretty well protected. In the name of gut health, it's worth it either way.
  3. Use your common sense. After you purchase your kit, many people have a mini panic and turn to Dr. Google to double check if enemas are safe. Dr. Google will then proceed to tell you how enemas can cause burns in your colon, cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and bowel perforation. So lets just be clear here - as long as you use your enema kit as per our handy dandy instructions and use your common sense, all of these should be well avoided. Please refrain from using boiling water in your enema bag. This will burn your bum. We always recommended drinking lots of water while detoxing as it is good to help flush the toxins from your body. This will prevent any dehydration, however enemas do quite the opposite hence the fluid that is added into your body by using them! For a coffee enema, if you are dehyrated your body just wont release anything in the toilet. If you are concerned about your electrolytes, you can simply add a pinch of rock salt into your glass of water. Yep, that's how simple it is! For everything else, as long as you use a bit of common senes and follow our guides enema's are nothing but beneficial for your health!
  4. The more enemas you do, the more you will detox. A very common question we get is "How often an I use my happy bum bag? How many coffee enemas is too many? There is no such thing as too many depending on your body. If you are constipated and not going to the toilet any other way, you can use your enema kit to support you everyday. Many use coffee enemas daily for a period of time to really detox the liver. Every situation is different but also, consistency will be the key to results. Doing one Coffee Enema may provide relief but longterm change will come over repeated use. Get comfortable with your kit, try out all of the different blends and support products and remember to replace your good gut bacteria with the Biotic bulbs if you are doing enemas daily.
  5. All disease begins in the gut and detoxing will help improve any issue you are struggling with. Although it's easy to think, maybe this isn't for me, the reality is that we all suffer from a larger toxic load than our bodies can handle and enemas are the best way to detoxify and help unburden your organs! Set aside 20-30 minutes of self care time in your bathroom and give it a try! You truly have nothing to lose except a whole lot of toxic waste, fatigue and those foggy brain headaches that have been leaving you reaching for the extra caffeine at 3pm! Enemas are not habit forming, they are all natural and there are no known negative side effects. Detox symptoms can be a bit unpleasant but it's better out than in!

Best of luck on your detoxing and gut healing journey. Remember to listen to you body, relax and have a positive mind set around using your enema kit! When we truly believe we can heal and change, anything is possible.

Yours faithfully

Happy Bum Co


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