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Key Benefits

Learn How this Bundle Supports Your Mental Health.

Reduce feelings of anxiety

When you do a coffee enema, your body switches to your parasympathetic nervous system which allows you to come out of "fight or flight" mode.

This can reduce feelings of anxiety, plus the boost in antioxidants increases your immune system and energy levels.

Supports Healthy Serotonin Production

95% of your Seratonin, which is your happy hormone is produced in your colon. When the colon is toxic and overloaded, this can compromise seratonin and leave us feeling more depressed and less happy.

The gut and the brain speak directly to one another via the vagus nerve.

Natural stress relief

Enemas physcially allow us to let it all go. Releasing from the bowels can have a lightening effect on the brain and mental state. Calm blend is specifically designed to help relieve feelings of stress, calm the nervous system and promote emotional wellbeing.

Increased Energy Levels

Coffee enemas and liver detoxification can help to unburden the organs and help boost energy levels. When the body is not fighting off so much inflammation and toxicity, you have more energy!

promotes regular bowel movements and less bloating

Enemas can instantly relieve constipation and bloating. When the body is stressed, anxious or overwhelmed it is common for the digestive system to shut down and the bowel movements to stop or become loose.

Coffee enemas and calm bulbs can help to relieve this stress and anxiety but also move the bowels manually providing relief and a toxic release.

The right gut bacteria for good moods

Your moods and mental state are directly related to the state of your gut bacteria. Coffee enemas can help remove the negative pathogens, toxicity and bad bacteria that can be causing imbalances, and Happy Bum Biotic bulbs can promote healthy bacteria in the gut and aid in healthier moods.

improves mental clarity

After a coffee nema it is common to feel more clear in the mind as the toxins from your liver and bowel have been removed. This can promote a sense of peace and focus, as well as mental clarity.

Supports Healthy Deep Sleep

Coffee enemas stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and calm bulbs promote relaxation and stress relief. These can both be beneficial to allow the body to come down into a resting state. Deep sleep is important for mental and hormone regulation.

Support liver function on medication

Medication is a liver loader and can have many implications long term on your health. Coffee enemas help to boost your liver enzymes and keep your liver healthier while you take medication.

Reduce Feelings of Anxiety
Supports Seratonin Production
Relieve Bloating & Constipation
Increase Energy Levels

How To Use Your Bundle

For best results.

Gut Scrub

Take 1 Tablespoon everyday orally or in your bag/bulb to nourish your body, alkalise, improve digestive function, remove heavy metals and feed your gut! To improve your mental health, you need nutrients!

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Coffee Enema

For maximum benefits, Get flowing with your coffee enemas at least 2-3x a week! Hold for 12-15 minutes. Release on Toilet.

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Calm Bulb + Tea

Bulb post enema and drink on the other days as a tea! Use your Calm Blend to support a healthy nervous system and stress response.

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Biotic Bulb

Bulb post Enema to replenish good bacteria in the gut, build a healthy gut microbiome which is linked to strong mental health!

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