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Happy Bum Co

Gut-Healthy Starter Bundle - Premium Coffee Enema Kit + Inflammation, Bloating + Digestive Support

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Want to kickstart your gut health and wellness journey?

This is the perfect bundle for you! Improve your gut health, detoxify your liver, decrease bloating, increases energy levels, reduce inflammation and super charge your health! Many people come to Happy Bum with "every symptoms" or "where do I start - everything is wrong with my health" the Healthy Me Starter Bundle is perfect for any level of Happy Bum user and tackles the basics. This is a great bundle for beginners to test out a big range of products and start to really get results!

How to Use

The Healthy-Me Starter Bundle is designed to be a good mix of our core products to make a wellness kit to help you detoxify and boost your gut health, along with inflammation, mental health and overall energy levels. All of these blends can be mixed and used together to add optimal nutrition and healing to your daily life.

This is a guideline of how to use the products in your day.

In the morning, take 1 Tablespoon of Gut Scrub mixed with Gut Greens for bloating, parasite removal, candida support, digestive enzymes, alkalising greens and optimal nutrients for good gut health.

Prepare your blends in the plunger. Start the morning with a coffee enema using the Happy Bum Beans.

Follow with a bulb of choice depending on how your body feels that day!

Your Bundle also includes our Enema Recipe Guide FREE to download and our Beginners Guide to support you every step of the way. We want you to feel confident in using your Happy Bum Kit so we include everything you need to educate yourself on enemas and how to use them!

Materials & Ingredients

Happy Bum Bag is 100% Medical Grade Silicone.

Happy Bum Beans are 100% Organic Medium Roast Coffee Enema Grinds created specifically for the liver detoxification benefits of coffee enemas. 100% Mycotoxin and mould free.

Happy Bum Plunger is 1000ml Glass. Dishwasher safe.

Gut Scrub is 100% Diatomaceous Earth.

Gut Greens - Organic Inulin, Organic Spirulina, Organic Aloe Vera , Chlorella, Alfalfa , Digestive Enzymes & Moringa Leaf Extract.

Happy Bum Biotic is a Pre and Probiotic Blend of LactoSpore Bacillius Coagulant - a proven blend to assist IBS and IBD. Prebiotic is Acacia Gum.

Happy Bum Soothe - Organic Turmeric, Ginger, Camomile and Ceylon.

Key Benefits
  • Instantly relieve bloating, constipation and IBS Symptoms using enemas
  • Increases peristalsis, helps retrain the colon to move
  • Softens the stool for easy release
  • Helps kill parasites and candida.
  • Repopulate healthy bacteria in the gut to build strong microbiome
  • Eliminate gas and toxic materials
  • Toxic elimination from the liver and boosts Glutathione production up to 700%.
  • An easy private solution to resolve embarrassing or uncomfortable gut issues fast.
  • Naturally rebalance hormones
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improved emotional wellbeing
  • Decreased feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Stress relief
  • Improved digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Improved energy levels and vitality

Product information

100% Medical Grade Silicone Enema Kit. 100% Organic Medium Roast Coffee Grinds.

Mycotoxin & Mould Free Coffee.

Glass Plunger 1000ml - Dishwasher Friendly.

Standard shipping rates and times apply. Standard shipping is 3-5 business days in metro areas.

International orders may take up to 2-4 weeks.

Returns accepted within 30 days of purchase if items are in original packaging and unopened.

Wash your Happy Bum Bag immediately after use with warm soapy water or other natural cleaning solution of choice. Do not use bleach or other chemicals.

Hang to dry.

Plunger can be cleaned after use with warm soapy water.

Whats Included In Your Bundle

Making enemas easy and convenient!

How To Use this Bundle

Take your gut health to the next level

Gut Scrub + Gut Greens

Mix 1 Tablespoon of each in the morning upon waking. This is a gentle parasite cleanse, binder and detoxifier. 100% Diatomaceous earth, rich in minerlas and great to relieve bloating. Gut Greens is an alkalisng greens blend to supercharge your energy levels, alkalise your body and help digestion.

Coffee Enema

Prepare your Happy Bum Beans in the Happy Bum Plunger and perform regular coffee enemas. Detoxify the liver, help eliminate candida/parasites, relieve bloating and constipation immediately. Coffee enemas stimulate glutathione which is key for so many critical functions in the body.

Choose a Bulb Blend

Replenish your body post enema detox with a bulb blend of your choice! Mix them together or listen to what your body is calling for. Bulbs are like wellness elixirs you absorb straight into the blood stream after an enema. Retain not release.

All bulb blends can also be sipped as tea. Biotic can be added to anything.

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Nervous for your first enema?


Yes, all of our enema kits and bundles are all designed for Beginners and come with full instructions. Our goal is to make you feel as confident as possible going into your first enema, because we know just how amazing the benefits truly are.

Most of our customers are new to enemas and quickly become pro’s with our guidance (and a bit of practice)! Want to see how it's done? Check out our How-To Video!

Enemas are such a simple and effective way to detoxify your body, cleanse the colon and all from the comfort of home. Detoxing can have endless benefits, don't let a silly little worry stop you from getting the benefits and relief you need!

We also have a private Facebook group for you to join for support once you’ve ordered your Happy Bum Products! We're one big family at Happy Bum Co and you are welcome to reach out to us anytime for real support.

How To Do An Enema

Step By Step Instructions on How to Set Up Your Kit, Prepare Your Blend & Do An Enema!

Your happy bum wellness toolkit


After 13 years working in the gut health and detoxificatin world, one thing is for sure. There is no one size fits all to healing, health or nutrition. Even day to day our bodies change so much that it's essential to have a toolkit of herbs and supplements to support you through whatever the day brings.

Whether or not you have hormonal fluctuations, are going through a period of stress, fighting off an infection, rebuilding after a course of antibiotics or haven't been eating well...there are so many factors that affect our health - this incredible bundle gives you something proactive to support your body with everyday.

Some fun facts: Gut Health is the key to your overall health. 70% of your immune system lives in your gut, 95% of your seratonin is produced in your colon - and the average person is holding 5-7KG of waste in their colon. Stress is the #1 Hormone Disruptor and lowering your inflammation can help fight and prevent disease.

Learn How to Do Enemas & Bulbs

Happy Bum Bag Product Features

Only the best for our Happy Bums! Why You'll LOVE detoxing with us.


Find out why this was voted #1 Wellness Product of the Year!

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