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Struggling to hold your Enema? 5 Reasons Why.

When doing an Enema it is recommended to retain the solution for 10-15 minutes. Some days this might be a walk in the park, other days you might find yourself...

When doing an Enema it is recommended to retain the solution for 10-15 minutes. Some days this might be a walk in the park, other days you might find yourself tapping those toes, clenching tightly, panicking that you may not make it to the loo in time!

Let’s explore 5 potential reasons why this might happen and offer some suggestions that will help you hold on like a pro

1. You’re full of poop! –if you haven’t been doing your heavenly, sausage shaped poops 2-3 times a day, chances are you’re really backed up! Quite literally full of s&*t! If this is you, try a water enema before your coffee or any other blend! The warm water will soften hard stools sitting in your colon. Once you release those, you should find it easier to hold your therapeutic solutions.

2. The solution is too hot/cold – what do you do when you sip something that is too hot/cold? You spit it out! That’s exactly what your bottom does too. The ideal temperature for your solution is room temperature. If you’ve accidentally made it too hot, simply top up with filtered cold water/ice cubes. Too cold? Add some boiled hot water. And remember to keep checking the temperature until it is ‘just right’

3. The flow is too fast – Did you know that the higher you hang your bag, the faster the solution will flow into your colon? If you’re finding it hard to hold, it could be that your body is asking you to ‘slow the flow’. Simply lower your bag and remember slow and steady wins the race!

4. Your body is inflamed – trouble holding can be a sign that your body is extra inflamed which is even more of reason to keep doing your enemas! If you’re new to enemas you might find holding tricky to hold at first, but most will find it gets easier with time and practice! If you have been really stressed, or have enjoyed a few too many inflammatory foods such as processed food, sugar, alcohol etc you might find holding more challenging. Solution here… reduce the inflammation by reducing/eliminating those foods and moving forward keep up with your enemas!

5. You’re not relaxed – understandably, the idea of coffee in your bottom might not sound like the most chilled thing you can do! Remember that your body responds to how you are feeling. The more chilled you are, the more your colon will hold the coffee solution. Listen to some music, read, think positive thoughts and most importantly remember to… breathe

Remember practice make perfect! It does get easier! Happy Detoxing Bums!


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