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Get Rid of These 10 Common Health Conditions by only using your Enema Bag!

What if there was one way you could help relieve all of your everyday health conditions? The wise philosopher Hippocrates said, "All disease begins in the gut" and he was...

What if there was one way you could help relieve all of your everyday health conditions? The wise philosopher Hippocrates said, "All disease begins in the gut" and he was right! Your gut is the gateway to the rest of the body and controls much of your health. Check out how you can use your enema bag (and bulb) to help relieve these everyday ailments and simplify your medicine cabinet!

10 Everyday Health Conditions You Can Treat With Your Enema Bag

  1. Constipation & Bloating

One of the easiest things to relieve using your Happy Bum Bag is bloating and constipation! Bloating and constipation can be brought on at the most inconvenient of times. Often when we are stressed, out of routine, haven't had enough water or the right foods. Bloating can commonly hit us after hours, once we've consumed not one, but two bowls of Spag Bog so having your enema bag on hand at all times is essential! No more late trips to the chemist for laxatives, or tossing and turning in your sleep if you cant get comfortable. Simply fill up your enema bag with purified water (or try a coffee enema) and begin to clear out your colon immediately! Even if you go once a day, many people find they still don't feel empty, and cleansed after their bowel movements so a DIY enema at home can help remove excess waste that's sitting in your colon and make you feel so much better! Enema kits are a much safer and non-toxic alternative to chemical laxatives and do not create any additional inflammation or reliance on the bowel. Have a bowel movement on command using your DIY enema kit!

2. Headaches

Headaches are a common result of fatigue, dehydration and stress. Your enema kit is a perfect way to hydrate the body, eliminate the toxins potentially causing the headache and relax. Coffee enemas can help to detox the liver, relax the body and relieve your headache! If you haven't had enough water, perhaps a water enema to help you hydrate might be a starter.

3. Sore Throat, Common Cold, Flu Symptoms

Feeling like you're getting sick? Give your body the firepower it needs to kick off any viral or bacterial infection by doing an anti inflammatory enema. Have you noticed that your bowel movements change or slow when you get sick? This is due to inflammation in your body. When a virus enters your system, your lymph nodes become inflamed and an easy way to combat this is to do several enemas. Soothing Turmeric or apple cider vinegar (for alkalising and fighting inflammation) enema followed by a probiotic bulb is highly recommended. Probiotic bulbs are helpful to populate the gut with your friendly bacteria needed to fight off the intruders making you feel unwell. 

4. Stress & Anxiety

Coffee enemas and stress relieving enemas can activate your parasympathetic nervous system in minutes, bringing your body down out of it's heightened state or fight or flight mode. This can provide instant stress relief, reduce feelings of anxiety, and relax you fast! In times of panic, or if you find it hard to sleep with a busy brain, do a quick enema before bed and watch your stress melt away.

For anxiety or heavy stress you can also use your Anti Inflammatory blend in your bulb or happy bum bag to relax the body and relieve feelings of stress. Essential oils or other herbs such as tulsi can also be administered this way for fast absorption.

5. Fatigue & Foggy Brain

If you wake up feeling tired or hit a slump midday, your body is in need of some TLC. Ditch the cup of coffee and try some up your bum instead! Coffee enemas help detoxify the liver which will give you a spring in your step while a cup of coffee taken orally can give you the jitters, bring on anxiety and drain your adrenals. When your body is backed up and overrun with toxicity, this takes energy to try to detoxify it all. Take that strain off your liver and colon by simply doing a water or coffee enema and feel the difference! Remember, fatigue is not "normal" - with proper sleep, proper diet and good elimination pathways, you should have plenty of energy!

Ever feel like you cant think straight? Your mind is cloudy and you can't figure out why? Toxic overload! Watch as your mind clears and your happiness improves when you do regular enemas and cleansing of the colon. Coffee enemas and water enemas are both great for brain fog as they reduce the amount of toxicity in the body which purifies the blood and minimises the amount of toxic material that is then reabsorbed into the blood stream and ultimately makes your brain foggy.

6. PMS Cramping

If you are one of the many women who get painful cramping around their menstrual cycle, an enema bag can change your life. Constipation is also very common before your period so using enemas to assist the body to detoxify and unload before the flow comes, can reduce bloating and discomfort. PMS cramping is also commonly enhanced by toxicity levels in the body and hormonal imbalance, which using coffee enemas or other soothing blends can help to relieve. Once a month is too common to be in pain and discomfort, use your enema kit to help. This can also be helpful for those who suffer with endometriosis.

If your monthly cycle has left you feeling yuck try an anti inflammatory enema to soothe the cramping, lessen your bloating. If you get hormonal acne around your period, try a coffee enema to relieve and detoxify! Supporting your body through natural detoxification pathways and reducing inflammation is far better than suppressing it with over the counter anti inflammatory pills. The more alkaline and healthy your body, the less cramping and hormonal impact your should have.

7. Acne & Skin Breakouts

If you suffer from acne and hormonal breakouts then coffee enemas will be your new best friend. By treating the issue at the source by cleansing the liver, and elimination pathways you should see great improvement in your skin quickly! We recommend coffee enemas and probiotic bulbs for your skin.


8. Weight Loss

Did you know the average person is holding 5-7 Kilos of waste in their colon? This means if you are looking to kickstart your weightloss goals the first place to start in your gut. Clearing out the old built up waste and toxicity (poop) in your colon can give you a jump start, while decreasing sugar cravings, making you feel lighter and more comfortable before you even begin any sort of diet or exercise plan. Many people who are constipated or blocked up (even without realising) struggle to lose weight as their metabolism has slowed. Cleanse your colon, do regular coffee enemas for a kick start! Probiotics can also play a huge part in weight loss and gut health. If you have the right gut bacteria it will help with weight management.

9. Back & Joint Pain

If you suffer from joint pain, you may find great relief in anti inflammatory turmeric and coffee enemas! Back pain can often by linked to a blocked colon and therefore cleansing the colon can relieve the burden on the spine. For all other joint pain, simply allowing the anti inflammatory solution to absorb into the bloodstream can provide relief and reduce swelling. This is great for post surgery, after injury or anyone looking for natural pain relief. This comes with no side effects as opposed to the over the counter inflammatories which damage the stomach lining and create further irritation in the body.

10. Thrush, Candida & Parasites

If you suffer from thrush (candida) which is a yeast overgrowth in the body that often presents in moist areas of the body, coffee enemas are powerful tool to eliminate this. Candida is fed on sugar, stress, processed foods, alcohol or feelings of frustration or being stuck. When your gut is out of balance, candida can thrive and it can result in brain fog, digestive discomfort, bloating, constipation, diarhorrea, nausea, fatigue, headaches, cold and flu symptoms, sugar cravings, itchyness and thrush.

Parasites feed off similar in the body and if you have them it is essential that you eliminate them immediately. Parasites and candida both feed off of your body's nutrients and then produce their own waste which they excrete into your blood stream. Therefore, you miss out on essential nutrients and end up with extra waste products. Not an optimal trade! To rid the body of parasites, garlic enemas, coffee enemas and cleansing the colon regularly is recommended. You can also use clove and oregano therapeutic grade oils to kill off yeast and parasites. If you've ever experienced "Bali Belly" or come home from travelling not feeling well, then its time for a serious parasite cleanse!


My enema kit is literally my go to for everything health. Bloated? The kettle is boiling the water for my coffee enema, Feeling rundown? I've got my anti inflammatory blend going. It is so empowering to know that you have all the tools your need to make yourself feel better and promote healing in your own home. All of our blends are so simple to make and are so cost effective! No late night chemist runs, just keep your Happy Bum Bag on hand in your bathroom! Never miss a night of sleep if your belly or back is sore. Dont let your sore throat turn into something more!

Simplify your health regime and stick to your enemas!

Time to make your enema kit your next home health essential. It will change your life, seriously!

Happy Detoxing!

Lots of love and health



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