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How to MASTER your Enemas! Top Tips from the Pro's

Happy Bum's - it's so important that you get the most out of your detoxification journey. We thought we would put together a blog on all of our top tips,...

Happy Bum's - it's so important that you get the most out of your detoxification journey. We thought we would put together a blog on all of our top tips, with input from our Happy Bum fam!

To ensure your journey with Enema's & Bulbs is sustainable - we want to ensure you are equipped with all of the top tips.

TIP 1: This one sounds self explanatory, but often we can get excited about starting and go in with far more liquid than our body can handle, especially if constipated. To ensure you are comfortable, we suggest using a small amount of liquid to start off (200-500ml approximately). As our kits hold 2Litres of liquid, it's easy to get excited. Go slow, control the flow on a slower setting using your white clip which comes on the bag and see how you go. Depending on the level of compaction within your colon, as well as toxicity - you may experience feelings of nausea. Don't fear - this sensation quickly subsides once your body has detoxified on the toilet or over the course of a few enemas. The liquid entering the colon should feel like you have the urge to pass a bowel motion. As soon as it feels like you urgently need to go to the toilet, that is when you remove the tip and sit on the loo. You can repeat this process as often as you like to get the hang of it at first, or until you reach a desired amount of releases and feel a lot clearer.

TIP 2: Don't hang the bag too high when starting to use your Enema Kit. As the kit is gravity fed, the higher the bag; the faster the flow.

TIP 3: Pre-boil your kettle a couple of hours before doing a Water Enema as you want it to still be warm. If doing an Enema with Coffee, Turmeric, or any other blend - prepare the solution with your Plunger hours before to ensure it is the right temperature. If you are time poor, add half boiling water to brew the solution and then top up with cold water.

TIP 4: When setting up your Enema and pouring the solution in from your plunger, open the white clip and allow the solution to flow through the tube until all air is expelled from the tube. Direct the liquid into the plunger until you can see no visible air bubbles in the tube. Pour in the top of the bag the liquid that you lost during that process, and voila! You are ready to go! If you leave the air in, the enema can be quite crampy.

TIP 5: If you are using a Blend such as Coffee, do a water enema first to flush out any waste sitting right at the base of the Colon as this is what makes your enema's hard to hold if you go straight in. It is far easier to hold your solution if you clear the decks first!

TIP 6: If you are usually a gassy person, take the Gut Scrub the morning or night before your enema to bind the gas, making your enema a lot easier and less crampy. If you are quite blocked up, or often have hard stools - take 4 capsules of the Happy Bum Mag before bed the night before to soften the stool.

TIP 7: Belly breathing and massaging your belly throughout the enema can make it so much easier!


That's it from us Happy Bums! Happy Cleansing!


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