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Your Guide to Balancing Hormones Naturally

Each week we are contacted by various women who wish to balance and regulate their hormones naturally, but don't know where to start. The world of hormones can be quite...

Each week we are contacted by various women who wish to balance and regulate their hormones naturally, but don't know where to start. The world of hormones can be quite overwhelming, so this blog is to guide you through each step of the way.

Whether you are planning to conceive, coming off the contraceptive pill or other hormonal contraceptives, experiencing postpartum hormone imbalances, PMS symptoms with your cycle each month, trying to have a regular cycle, moving into menopause or are peri-menopausal; this one is for you!

When deciding to start using Coffee Enemas to support your hormone balancing journey; it is completely normal to feel daunted. Rest assured, you will notice benefits very quickly after your first enema . Personally, In my hormone balancing journey, I started using coffee enemas twice a week. It's helped clear out lingering hormones and reduces inflammation in my liver and Colon. I've noticed a heightened, calming energy, and laser-like cognitive focus; just to name a few benefits!

You may be wondering.. How does coffee work to help balance hormones? Coffee also contains palmitic acid, which while you are doing enema, enters the hepatic portal vein in the rectum delivering it to the liver. This process causes a biochemical reaction, which helps the liver create more glutathione. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that the body uses to dump toxicity into the Colon. This toxicity is the reason our hormones are disrupted in the first place as we are so often exposed to harmful chemicals and hormone disruptors within our daily lives. Coffee enemas further work to remove metabolised hormones especially Estrogen. If you know you are suffering from oestrogen dominance, coffee enemas are the way to go!

You may be wondering, how do I start?! We have created the Hormone Balance bundle to guide you through every step of the way.



 The Women’s Hormone Balancing Bundle should be in every Woman’s tool kit. This Bundle includes a Coffee Enema Kit, Plunger to strain, our specially formulated hormone balancing blend and a Pretty in Pink Bulb. When using this bundle it is recommended to begin by cleansing the Colon using your Enema Kit with either warm purified water or Coffee blend (cooled to room temperature).

Once the colon is clear and you have had a large release on the toilet, go in with your Hormone Balance blend in your Bulb. This is easiest to retain in a clear colon, and when you are ready to relax for the evening. Once the solution is inserted, we recommend kicking back, relaxing and letting the solution absorb into the colon – no release on the toilet needed.   

Solutions administered in an implant using your Happy Bum Bulb can reach your liver in minutes as they are absorbed straight through the rectal veins. In this way you bypass the stomach and small intestine, and the solution keeps its full potency.

 So - there you have it! Keep in mind all products come with instructions and recipes on the back of the packaging. The Enema Kit itself comes with a visual instruction pamphlet so you can be rest assured that you will conduct the enema correctly! Remember, practice makes perfect! You will get the hang of it in no time at all!

 As always, we are always a message away at Happy Bum HQ if you have any concerns or questions.

 Sending love and light!

 Happy Bum HQ x


LINK TO VIEW BUNDLE (save $44.80) 


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